September 2021

The most exciting moments we experience whenever we come to a new place (in Ukraine, in Russia, in Uzbekistan, in Belarus – elsewhere) are when somebody approaches us with the same words: “You do not know me, but I know you! I constantly watch the videos, follow the social media posts, read the books you produce!» The rest of the speech may vary.

 For instance, one can say: “I was strongly indoctrinated against the Bible and the church, but your  materials  made me change my mind.”

 Or: “I was doubting about giving myself to Jesus, but your  materials  helped me to make the right decision!”

 Or: “I was brought up in a family of believers but lost the faith because of the education I got. Nevertheless, your  materials  restored it and made it stronger than ever before!”

 Or: “I hesitated to share my faith with others, but your  materials  laid a solid foundation for it and have helped me to become a bold proclaimer of the message!” 

 Or: “When my kids went to school, I was afraid it would seriously challenge their beliefs. But your  materials  made them the Lord’s witnesses to their classmates and even to their teachers!”

 Or: “I never even considered anything like ministry or missions. But your  materials  inspired me to accept the calling!”

 All these encouraging testimonies are the fruits of God’s work through your faithful care and prayers that encourage, inspire, and equip our team and us for the sake of the Kingdom’s greater glory!  May the Lord be praised!

This time the new place we added to our short missions’ geography was the city of Hust in Transcarpathia (Subcarpathian Ruthenia). We took an extra day to cross the mountains away from the noisy highways (see the pictures attached) and then went down to the valley. We enjoyed the last warm days of the year alongside the everlasting warmth of fraternal fellowship with God’s children we never met before and will never forget now.

The key project of the trip was teaching the  “Bible and Logic” course in the Master’s program of the  Transcarpathian Christian Institute. It was a great joy we shared with the regional church leaders to explore the ways of spreading the Gospel message “nor handling the word of God deceitfully, but by manifestation of the truth” as well as exposing the tricks of false teachers and opponents of the faith. The rest was a precious time of fellowship with brethren and teaching at the local church (see the pictures attached). May the Lord multiply the fruits of this trip abundantly for His glory alone!

Another great event of the month was the presentation of our books at the  International Book Forum publishers’ fair at Lviv (see the pictures attached). Could we imagine a decade ago that Christian books would be represented at events like this in the former Soviet Union without any limitations and discrimination? People came to the Forum from other cities and even from other countries – Russia, Belarus, Moldova. Some came specially to buy our books! They were asking the publisher to pass on their appreciation and the words of gratitude and encouragement – like, for instance, this unknown man in the picture. Please join our prayers for the seeds planted through the printed word!