November 2006

The greatest news, praise and thanksgiving of the month – we have received the vehicles! As I wrote before, we were recently blessed with the extremely gracious gift designated for the production/distribution office facilities and the vehicle(s) purchase. The facilities purchase went faster, but we had to wait for the cars since they are assembled in Germany. But now they are delivered. Due to the opportunities of the seats/trunk transformation, the luggage capacity for the vehicles of their size is amazing – we will be able to transport all the equipment for on-the site conferences with them! Now we are equipped with the transport completely – something we were only dreamed about during fourteen years of the ministry! By this time everyone in our team who was brave enough to take driving courses has passed them successfully and got their driving license. On the picture attached is our office team with the vehicles: Lena, office manager; Timothy, distribution manager; Olga, our bookkeeper and my precious wife; Vadim, general coordinator; and myself behind the lens 🙂

Two major production projects of the year are completed and are in distribution now – the videos ‘Walking thru the past’ on the Moscow Paleontology Museum and ‘Ice Age Civilizations’ Russian version. The videos provide amazing facts that discredit the very idea of the life (the former one) and human culture (the later one) natural progress. The later video is the very first one we have printed a big (5.000 copies) run at the DVD printing plant (we burn all other DVDs on request), and going to supply all Christian schools of former Soviet Union with a copy.

We had to broadcast the paleontology video twice again after the first air on the audience requests in October, and going to broadcast Ice Age Civilizations in December. Please pray for the Lord prepares the hearts of people to see the truth in it and make right conclusions.

We have completed also the book Letting God Create Your Day (a collection of 90 seconds radio program scripts) vol.4 translation into Russian and the book is at the press currently.

Regretfully lacking of our own production studio delays the rest of the video projects production. One more week is needed to complete the video version of the Eurasian Apologetics Summit workshops and seminars and one more month to complete Urok (The Lesson) video. Please keep praying with us for the funds to make the new office reconstruction in the way we could serve for the Lord’s glory more effectively.

Nevertheless we do not slow down in our desire to serve. Our principle is to make three projects at the same time: one – with the hands, another – with the head, and third one – with the heart. The Summit workshops video is a manual work already; Urok is the one we keep doing with the heads very much. But our hearts have started to work on the new project – a video we call The Quest so far. We would like to make it as a movie about a group of adventurous guys (and may be girls) who are searching for some ancient archeological sites and, in the same time – for the meaning in the life. The project is nothing more than a random set of dreams, ideas and expectations so far, but we have a feeling that we will see a clear picture for it soon. Please pray for the Lord provides us guidance in this adventure.

As for me personally, I am up to the ears in reading and writing assignment for the studies at Asbury I am leaving for on January 26. Please keep my upcoming trip in your prayers as well.

At the same time our Zhenya is about to complete her studies at Kentucky Christian University and going back home on December 18-19. Please pray for the safety of her trip as well as for the vision from the Lord how He wants to use her next.