May 2020

Radio M – Existance of God
Hope Channel – Genesis as History

Hope Channel – Genesis as History

 Developing resources for training and equipping believers in the restricted areas (where using regular means for Christian education is sidelined or even dangerous) has always been one of our priorities. We kept making videos of lectures and seminars, producing downloadable visual aids, writing and translating books to make them available via different channels and formats, exploring and testing various approaches to building up disciples, etc. And now that most places in the world have turned into restricted areas because of the quarantine, our resources are in great demand as never before!

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Q&A Session

Churches, missions and seminaries are turning to us as they look for ways to continue teaching and training under the new conditions, and we are always happy to help! We supply media resources to them, provide assignments, and help with feedback and assessment. Before the quarantine, we would provide one or two teaching missions a month. Now, given the current demand, we can manage multiple courses for several institutions at the same timeMay the Lord be praised!

 Still, the emphasis on Christian education is not only on information, but even more on transformation. My desk has turned into a “control centre” for group and individual discussions, Q&A sessions, fellowship and prayers online. Several radio stations and Internet ministries have invited us to produce live broadcasts or online discussions on critical issues of the Bible and the foundations of Christian faith (see pictures attached). Please pray for God’s wisdom for us to do this in the most effective way to promote the Kingdom.

 As usual, I feel a little uncomfortable because only my face shows up in all these programmes. I am sure you realize that this is the fruit of the work of our great team


 and of many volunteers who collect information, develop content, maintain web and social media platforms, translate books and articles, produce media, etc. Moreover, we help various partner ministries in every way we can. For instance, we help the Zoom course (which uses an online platform to teach the principles of multiplying disciples and churches) to launch the Russian version of the training (see May the Lord be praised!

 As a family team, we continue to promote online a model for family worship (see picture attached). This approach is quite foreign to our culture, but many have told us it has really helped them during their months of isolation. To God be the glory!