May 2005

The greatest event of the month was the ‘Freedom and Responsibility in Science, Medicine and Society’ round table of our regular ‘Man and Christian Worldview’ symposium. It was 20th one and it was the best one so far! We had quite a few new participants, but many old ones as well. It is a real joy to see how the hearts of former strong atheists melt gradually and the strongholds of post-communist academia fall down step by step by the work of the Holy Spirit thru the cumulative work of faithful coworkers in Christ. Our team was responsible for the technical equipment of the symposium and the book table as usual (the pictures of us and our books display are attached).

The greatest pleasure was to see the Philosophy professor from Kyiv who was coming several years to defend his Marxist ideology. He was aggressively anti-Christian all the time, but did not have peace and was coming over and over again. It seemed no argument can make him reconsider his dogmatic position. But the symposium is not papers and discussions only. He had fellowship with the professionals of his own level who are Christians and their love and patience were stronger than any argument. He was able to see videos and listen to concerts both with direct and indirect Christian messages we presented to the speakers as entertainment. He was provided with books on apologetics and various aspects Christian worldview.

This time we can not recognize the person. His mentality revolved! He confesses that the last drop to the cup was the book ‘Case for Christ’ we published several years ago in partnership with Literature and Teaching Ministries. He would never purchase it, but Rick Deighton, a missionary from Idaho, who faithfully participates in the project for several years, gave it to him as a personal gift. The professor told us that he teaches his students from that book! Aren’t the ways of our Lord amazing?

We had Pavel Begichev, a musician (harp) and prominent evangelist from Samara (Central Russia) as a special guest at the symposium. Beyond representing the paper ‘Freedom and Responsibility of a Musician’ he has performed a concert/testimony ‘Gospel in Blues’ at the night entertainment program, as well as a workshop on history and development of Christian music at Simferopol Christian Church right after the symposium. We have taken all materials on the video and going to issue a DVD ‘Christianity and Modern Music’ on it. The goal would be reaching for Christ those who are interested in music on the one hand, as well as responding to some strange ideas Christians have about music.

Please pray for that project as well as for the seeds planted during the symposium for the Lord sent the workers to water the ground and to take care of sprouts, as well as for the harvest in a due time!

The greatest personal news of the month is Zhenya’s return from Kentucky Christian University. Despite the hardships of the first time being so far and so long from home, struggling with cultural and academic adjustments she did quite well. Your prayers, support, encouragement, and care considerably enhanced her spiritual and academic growth and maturity the studies at a great Christian school provide.

After a couple of days of rest and coping with jetlag Zhenya has joined our ministry team assisting with the text translation and the seminars technical equipment.

I am very glad the Asbury Theological Seminary has accepted me even I am short of those two courses, but I really would like to complete the TCM program after all. However, starting the ATS studies this fall reduces the probability of catching up with the courses I still need for TCM graduation. Nevertheless, the opportunity exists for me now to take the reading assignment for completing one of the courses by correspondence as well as to take another course I need in Haus Edelweiss’s class. In order to use this opportunity, I should go to Austria in July by myself, since the course is offered for another national group at that time, not for Ukrainians. It means I should travel there alone and at my own expense.

The cheapest way to the House Edelweiss Ukrainian students team takes usually (by going across Eastern Europe changing trains and buses} is long and, the main issue is not safe enough for going alone (especially – carrying the laptop computer). However, the airfare is extremely high in Europe during that particular period. Nevertheless, the gracious designated gift of a brother in Christ has provided half of the airfare and that is only another half needed now. Please pray for the funds, a safe trip, and the Lord’s guidance in my studies.

Video shooting animals and the visitors at the zoo as well as the interviews with the former ones have supplied us with very interesting responses on people’s beliefs on their origin, relationships to the creation, and responsibilities toward it. It will make our ‘Walking Thru the Past’ video based on Moscow Paleontology Museum shooting much more interesting than stones and bones panoramas only. The script of the video is in the progress now. Please pray for this project as well.

A last but not the least part of our ministry in May was preparing ‘Preaching Jesus in Cinema Theaters’ (Evangelism thru secular movies) course development I am going to teach (and Zhenya – to assist) at Eurasia International Fellowship of Evangelical Students Institute not far from Kyiv on June 5-11. The institute provides intensive training for staff workers and volunteers of the Christian student movement in the former Soviet Union – those who are involved in the most vital outreach for today’s students – future teachers, physicians, lowers, civil and mechanical engineers, army, and police officers, etc. Please keep the school in your prayers as well.

Please pray for our ministry, for all the projects mentioned above. Pray also for my family and for our team.