March 2008

It is hard for me to believe, but I am done with all the courses of my program at the seminary! I mean ALL at all – till the very end of the study! Now the research paper is the one and only focus of my studies which is approaching the last year. As for this time, it will take one more week here at the campus and then another week – at Seoul (Korea), where we are going to attend various churches and ministries as a part of program.

The technologies make many things easier, so we are in constant contact with our ministry team back in Ukraine. As usual, spring is the busiest time for us when we are launching up most of the projects of the year at the same time.

Having our own recording studio has increased our media production immediately. Two ‘Simply Essential’ short films are completed and available at, two more are going to be done shortly. The audio tracks for two documentaries Noah’s Flood evidences in Central Russia and Doctor Looks at the Crucifixion and Resurrection are recorded and postproduction is coming to the end.

More storage space makes us easier handle both old and new publications distribution. Protestant Girl book came off the press, as well as part of Training Positive and Productive Kids print run.

The book CREATIO happened to be unexpectedly difficult project compare to a regular books printing due to amount of information and facts as well as complicated design that perfectly addresses modern Internet-based culture. The current status of the project is following: the text translation and editing are completed. We have purchased the paper and made the arrangements with the printer back in December. But being committed to the highest possible quality of the book we keep working on the page layout minor details. According to our quality control policy, the book goes to the editor and proofreader over again after any layout changes. On my estimation this ‘game’ is about to be finished, and the book suppose to go to the press in April.

Our “mobile troop” of Vadim and Misha made very successful landing party at the city of Melitopol. They presented our resources and strategy to various churches where invited everyone for the workshops Youth Purity (based on The Lesson video demonstration and discussion) and Science and the Bible (the importance of the Genesis account in Christian life and doctrine). About 400 persons (mostly – young ones) attended the workshops with a great involvement (see the pictures attached). The church that hosted the workshops is very missionary-minded and interested in training programs for its members; we are most likely going to do more seminars and conferences for them. Please pray for this partnership development.

Next week another “mobile troop”, Lena and Zhenya, are going to Voronyezh (Central Russia) to present workshops on youth evangelism at the “Nowadays’ Christian” youth conference. The conference is a sort on orientation for the young Christians in the today’s culture; it is to help youth to see the moral values in the arts and other aesthetic aspects of the culture, in order to use them as a tool for evangelism. Zhenya is doing a workshop on spreading the Good News among the counter-cultures, while Lena is going to talk on using the Internet for evangelism. By the way, this is going to be the very first experience for Lena of doing the workshop herself. Please pray for her, for Lord’s guidance in her presentation and for the listeners’ openness.

We are on the low start for both international and regional workshops on using media in the ministry. The participation lists are full and the participants are counting down the days. We are expecting the participants from Ukraine, Central Russia, Far East/China, Belarus, and Uzbekistan. Please pray for their journeys, safety and successful training for the glory of our Lord Jesus.