March 2006

Not much time passed since I sent my previous report on return from Russia, however God is working powerfully. His mercy and compassion are new every morning, great is His faithfulness.

The most exciting adventure of the month was visiting various places at the Black Sea shore searching for the venues that would fit the best the vision and the purpose of the upcoming Academic Symposium (May), Creation Evangelism Camp (June) and Eurasian Apologetics Summit (October). We found what we think would be best and have an agreement with the places administration now. It allows us to plan the details for the event more specifically. Please pray for those events proper preparation – both technical and spiritual.

But even more exciting is great news I would like to share – it seems that a wide door for Creation Evangelism opens! ‘Znaneye’ (‘the knowledge’) State Enlightenment Society, former greatest agent for communist / evolutionist ideological brainwashing has agreed to allow us to rent their most well-known facility – a ‘Planetarium’ conference center Kiev (the capital city of Ukraine) downtown for the weekly workshops on Science and the Bible twice a week in April – May! We are still working on the details, but it looks like a great opportunity to attack materialistic ideology right at its main stronghold! Many members of our Science and Apologetics Society agreed to participate and lead those workshops. Please pray for the wisdom and guidance from the Lord in this opportunity.

Thank you very much for your prayers about our video production team – it is great support, comfort and encouragement for us. We were able to move all our production equipment to a new place almost without losses, and going on with all projects again. We hope to catch up with our prospected schedule by the end of May.

The Lord keeps strengthening us providing the evidences on how the spread of the ministry keeps bringing the fruits. Here is a joyful letter I have received:

“Dear friends! I would like to express my appreciation to all of your co-workers in your ministry to the Lord! It is such a pleasure for me to read the materials you are sending. I often share them with my friends, and tell a lot of things I learn from there to believers I know. I really like the way the information is selected and arranged. You are so good in presenting the exact material needed to attract a reader’s attention. Your materials are so helpful in convincing unbelievers and strengthen believers in faith! I have been blessed with a wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord sharing the Word of God with students and school teachers. A month ago we have decided to plant a new church. Please pray for us, because we are just in the process of discussing the strategy for it. We feel so much responsibility before God, and we really need your support by prayer. May the Lord bless you and your ministry!” Tatiana Gontovaya, Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine).

The feedback like this is a greatest encouragement to us!

I am leaving to Austria Sunday for TMI Institute to take a course on Old Testament. This is the last course I need to take after eight years of studies there to get a degree like Charles Darwin had – MA in Christian ministry 🙂 Please pray for my travel, for studies, for our team works very well now even when I am not with them.

Please pray for all the projects mentioned above. Pray also for my family and for our team.