July – August 2021

Youth Festival Zhashkiv

We celebrate 30 years of the former Soviet Union nations’ great exodus from the Egypt of communism into the desert of secular democracy. The Church of the Exodus Generation existed despite the oppressions and persecutions. Participation in any event from street evangelism to youth camp was a danger of facing serious problems, even imprisonment. There were very few opportunities. Nevertheless, our older brothers and sisters boldly did everything they could. Fighting the good fight, completing the race, they kept the faith and passed it on to us, the Generation of the Desert.

Our generation received everything at once – without sacrifice, without risk, without hard work. Brothers from other countries joyfully and sacrificially shared with us their resources, experience, knowledge, programs, strategies, methods, approaches, etc. All this was available for taking without considering whether it is relevant to our context. Being a Christian was often a self-sufficient occupation “for internal consumption” – building the Kingdom from 9 am till 5 pm with a lunch break. Why should we, believers, go into, say, science? Or economics? Or politics? Or education system? Or business? All the people are of great size there, we are like grasshoppers in our own eyes! It is so safe here, in our comfortable church ghetto!

I am exaggerating, of course. There were many heroes of the faith, people who were not indifferent and challenged both the world and the stagnant tendencies within the Body of Christ. But this multitude, alas, was a minority. As in the old days, for each Caleb, there were half a dozen “grasshoppers in their own eyes.” Indifference to what was going on outside the church walls has been a common feature of our generation. Moreover, whether one “did care” became the main criterion in recruitment for our own projects. We decided to train the called rather than trying calling the trained.

But time has passed, and a new generation has grown up – young people thirsting for fellowship, learning, devoting themselves to the work of the Kingdom. They do care! They do not want to be “grasshoppers in their own eyes” but yearn for change, proclaiming: “We should go up and take the land, for we can certainly do it! The Lord is with us! Do not be afraid!”

I believe that the Generation of Joshua that follows us will become the city on a hill and the lamp on its stand, so people may see their good works and glorify the Father, which is in heaven! And the best what we, people of the desert, can do now, is to invest ourselves in them. We shall provide them with the necessary resources and share all the knowledge and experience we’ve gained so that they do not need to waste time and effort repeating the mistakes we have already made. And so that they too could entrust the things they have heard from us to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others in their turn (2 Timothy 2: 2).

Media ministry

With this in mind, we were doing our best to come with masterclasses, seminars, training programs, etc., for every youth camp and festival we were invited to! We were going from one side of the country to another all the time (see the pictures attached). The spectrum of the topics discussed was so broad! Effective evangelism, God’s existence, faith and science, mercy and suffering, the role of Christians in civil society, dinosaurs, keeping the truth in the confusing world, use of media for the Kingdom, biblical leadership, etc. Our direct involvement was amplified by the online seminars as well as the media ministry of young people, trained and equipped in previous years. Please pray with us for all these young warriors of Christ!

Youth Festival Molodavo

The summer was an extremely exciting experience that inspired us incredibly! We do know: those who follow us are better than us! They must become greater, and we must become less.

Training and equipping key capable and called young people is and always will be our top priority. Having the Apologetics Center facilities as a permanent base will make this task much easier for us now. 

Online workshop

The Center remodeling goes on. By the Lord’s provision, we collected 57,64% of the estimated cost already. The electrical works (including reserve autonomous power generator) are done already, as well as most of the flooring. Most of the appliances and furniture are ordered as well. We still hope to move into the facilities by winter. Please keep this goal in your prayers!