January 2020

Trans World Radio

 Early this year we continued with our ongoing projects and launched several new ones. We are providing training courses and seminars as the Joint School of Christian Apologetics, conducting sessions of the Reliable Foundations Online Apologetics Club and spreading the Message daily through social media platforms and other means. Occasionally, some one-time events evolve into ongoing projects, like answering questions received from the audience of Trans World Radio (see the picture attached). We organize regular meetings for the re-Format Youth Ministry to encourage and equip them to bring greater glory to the Kingdom. Please continue to pray for all these missions.

 The crowd-sourcing project on informal logical fallacies that are most common in our part of the world started in August and it was planned to last for a couple of months only. Then we extended it till Christmas. And you know what? It is still going on! People keep sending new cases they have had to deal with. In February we plan to complete the research and develop the final products for public use – booksonline reference resources and a smartphone app. Please keep this exciting project in your prayers!

 We have also provided a three-day training seminar “Bible and Logic” at the Ezra Academy discussing issues with various ministry leaders (see the pictures attached). It was an extremely valuable experience. We plan to have the textbook completed by April and provide a week-long open intensive course on Logic at the Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary later. We intend to film a video version and make it available online for everyone, including the distant and restricted regions. Please pray for these activities as well.

 Our strategic focus is identifying, encouraging and equipping young leaders for effective ministry in line with the approach found in 2 Timothy 2:2. It is always a great blessing from the Lord to meet young people who have dedicated themselves to ministry and to learn how encouraging and helpful to them our resources have been. Yet, the meeting we had this month was very special. Mikhail is a young man from Donetsk, a city in the war zone.


Any evangelical activity is heavily restricted in his region controlled by the pro-Russia militants. Nevertheless, Mikhail is involved in active ministry online. When we had found out that Mikhail was coming to Kiev, we arranged a meeting with him and had a very fruitful discussion concerning the strategy of his ministry and the opportunities for our cooperation for the sake of the Kingdom. We were glad to provide Mikhail with the resources for his ministry (see the pictures attached). Later he wrote on his Facebook page (http://bit.ly/3bhSg6l): “CCSA’s work has played an important role in shaping me as a Christian, as well as in strengthening my faith. I am deeply grateful to God for this opportunity.” May the Lord be praised! While Mikhail continues his ministry, we are going to make him a part of our content-development team. Please pray for him: for his safety and for the zeal he has for the Lord! Pray for many more young people like him to be called to this strategically important ministry, for the harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few.

 Please also pray for our production team which continues the work in the restricted area under the radar. In addition to the regular videos and audios for the social media they make, we produced an excellent clip “Do You Know Him?” with the spoken word in Russian script inspired by Dr. Shadrach Meshach Lockridge’s message “My King”: https://youtu.be/lvbXNgKKJeE Please enjoy it and may the Lord be praised!