January 2007

I am still at the seminary, and it looks like our professors are really devoted to keeping us busy 25 hours a day. The classes schedule is pretty intensive, but we are making already first steps to the final goal. They say this session (the second one) – is the most hard since it includes both elements of the training and research. Since the next session we will focus on the research only.

In the same time I am constantly communicate with our team back in Ukraine since the beginning of the year is the most strategically important as a time of planning for proper planning of all the plans we plan for a year – the paperwork on the office remodeling (producing official architect plan and pursuing the officials’ permission for the building reconstruction), curriculum for children outreach projects and summer camp, our part of responsibilities at the symposium, brainstorming on a new video productions. We as a team study how to dream conjointly and practically.

As the outcome of the technical follow-up of the back-up projects, we have produced NTSC version of the Walking through the Past video with English subtitles. Let me know if you would like to get a copy.

Please pray for my upcoming eye surgery (IntraLASIC) scheduled for Friday February 9 and for successful recovery after it for I could be back for the classes following Monday.

Please pray for my safe return home on February 21-22