February 2008

As you can guess, I am writing this report at the campus of the seminary. This is our one before last session here, and, probably, the hardest one. On the one hand we still have classes with pretty intensive assignments; on the other hand we have started to work on our dissertations already, and will have hearing by the end of the month. Nevertheless, our ministry team in Ukraine works great even when I am away. It makes me wonder: do they need me at all?  🙂

The greatest news of the month is: we just have had our first staff conference at the new facilities just before my departure (see the pictures attached)!

As I wrote you before, the building second floor is used as a mission house with the long term workers apartment and short term workers guest rooms. Now the first floor is in use as well. It includes distribution office, conference room and postproduction studio.

While moving to the new facilities we have issued a release of our first two Simply Essential short films – Easier to deal with and Why be surprised. The second one is a cartoon actually. The miniatures have already been presented in our staff home churches as well as are available for view at our website at http://scienceandapologetics.org/simply.html.

Despite all the troubles of the office removal, the Black Sea documentary Russian version is completed, and we are about to release Chastity show with Rev. Timothy Alferov (evangelically minded Russian Orthodox priest and leading Creation Evangelist in Russia). The show addresses teenagers and young adults with the issues of purity, faithfulness and responsibility.

The postproduction facilities usage has allowed us involve a new committed volunteer, Alexander, in the video department work to disciple him in the experience of video cut and editing. With his involvement we plan to complete two more Simply Essential miniatures, the original documentary on the Noah’s Flood evidences in Central Russia and Russian version of GNPI video A Doctor Looks at the Crucifixion and Resurrection (Russian script is completed).

We have quite a progress with the books printing projects as well. The incorporation of Poland into Schengen Customs Zone of EU has caused enormous cargo jam at the Polish-Ukrainian border, where the paper for the books printing got stocked. But the problem is resolved eventually. The books Worldview: A Missing Dimension of Evangelism and Introduction to Systematic Apologetics are printed finally. The last hardest step of the CREEATIO project – page layout (very complicated one!) is about to be completed as well, and the book will go to the press after the proofreading.

Another development we have in the team due to having the office facilities in a full-time children ministries leader, Irina. Her main focus so far is apologetics curricula for Sunday Schools and Summer Camps development and field testing. The Tvorets ‘08 Children Camp curriculum and counselor’s manual are developed already, there will be first camp staff meeting and in the middle of March. Please keep this project in your prayers: may the Lord prepare the hearts of the children so they would be open for accepting the Good News and the hearts of the parents whose children are going to the camp this summer.

Heading to the ‘Training/Outreach Landing Party’ tactics as a new approach we are practicing this year as a ministry new development, we are planning the first project of a year at Melitopol city (South Ukraine) in March. A partner church at the site takes responsibility for providing the facilities and gathering the audience, we provide the program that includes the presentation of The Lesson movie followed with the related issue discussion, Bible and Science workshop, promoting books and videos we have available for unbelievers, for believers, for church leaders.