December 2008

A muddy and slippery Crimean winter is a time for more evaluation and planning than for trips and projects. The year 2008 was a great blessing for us – the first time after many years of the ministry we see a real ripple effect through a building of a network of self-governed ministries and missionaries. Apologetics centers in Central Russia, Central Asia, and the Far East are impacting extended regions around them that we hardly ever could reach (like, for instance, supplying Turkmen churches with the books through Uzbek ministry). The first retreat of national coordinators in May became a milestone in our ministry’s international development through the way of multiplication, decentralization, and integration.

Another sign of the ripple effect is various conferences in various parts of the former Soviet Union that are fruits of the seeds we were planting for a long time but organized without our involvement at all or where we are invited to take part just as guests. It shows that more ministers grew up who share the vision we cast and are ready to implement it where they serve. The most significant events were the February Education and Apologetics Congress in Uzbekistan, the April Apologetics Youth Conference in Central Russia, the October Missions Forum in Kyiv, and most of all — the very first Creation Science conference at national Ostroh Academy university.

The mobility we got with the vehicles allowed us to start a “landing parties” approach with the visiting courses on evangelism and Creation Science across Ukraine and neighboring areas of Russia providing training both for local believers as well as guests leaders of the Christian students at secular colleges and universities movements of former Soviet countries Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, and Ukraine

Besides our own Children Apologetics Camp, the camps for teenagers were made at Amur (Far East) Apologetics camps for teenagers and for college students as well as for teenagers of Central Asia in Uzbekistan.

It was a very fruitful year for our publishing ministry as well. We printed twelve new book titles as well as reprinted my textbook Introduction to Systematic Apologetics since we run out of it. The total amount of the books we published since the publishing ministry beginning in 1994 is 103 so far not counting quarterly magazines “Tvorets” (Creator) for Sunday School classes and “Ad Notem” (‘For consideration’) for secular school science teachers, as well as monthly topical apologetics tracts.

Another big arrangement on the ministry multiplication, decentralization, and integration is starting the Internet network of Eurasian Apologetics Society where everyone can run a blog as well as post or comment on materials, and news, etc.

A new step in our media ministry is ‘Simply Essential’ Short Videos Their target audience is young people who are accustomed to the format of TV commercials. Also, our great joy of a year is the Bronze Crown Award for Best Youth Film and Gold Crown Award for Best Drama Under $250,000 our pro-life movie “Urok” (The Lesson) got.

Please join our praises to the Lord for His guidance in the year that passed as well as for the upcoming events, especially for:

April 18 – May 31 – My studies at Asbury Seminary (Graduation on May 22) June 20-30 – Children Apologetics Camp
September – hosting MediaCallenge advanced international/regional workshop
October 15-17 – Darwinism and its Impact on Science, Education and Society conference
November 2-9 – Intl Coordinators Retreat / Uzbek National Apologetics Summit
June 2010 – II Eurasian Apologetics Summit (networking and training Russian and Ukrainian apologists)