December 2007

The last month of the year 2007 was extremely joyful and busy with the planning for the next year and catching-up with the last projects of the one that is at the end.

Great news has come from our Far East regional coordinator: 20 persons signed up for the Science and the Bible workshops leaders training course in Amur region! This is 3-4 times more then we expected! In the contrast with general apathy at Central Russia, the enthusiasm for the solid biblical truth in the rural areas is amazing! Please pray for us to use most effectively every opportunity the Lord provides!

Please join our prayers for other great opportunities opened for our network expansion at the Far East and China. The door has opened for our coordinator there Igor to move to in-land China with the family (before he was staying at the Russian-Chinese border traveling there occasionally). Now Igor explores this opportunity and instructs a new team leader to be a coordinator at Russian Far East region. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance in it.

We have finally completed the Atlantis show Russian dub, and it is available on DVD now. The work like this will be much faster and easier soon, when we complete the sound recording studio. We anticipate it with a great joy! The second floor of the building (the coordinators apartments and guest rooms), is done (see the pictures attached). The Tsaritsons (Vadim, the international coordinator and Irena, children ministry coordinator) have moved and celebrated Christmas there already!

Right after the Christmas brake we have started the inner works at the first floor – office/studio area. We are so excited about how it comes out! It will increase the effectiveness of our ministry in a great way.

We were pleased to find out that the CNL world-wide Russian language satellite Christian TV company keeps using our materials for the broadcast! So, the ripple effect is going on. I have no idea how do they rate the programs for the broadcast, but I believe that their first priority are the ones someone pays for the broadcast of (that is what they expected from us first). But the second priority, most probably, are the show people would like to see their channel for. Therefore, our videos are the ‘second priority’, i.e. the most appreciated by the viewers! That is encouraging!

At the same time we have started the project of short videos ‘Simply Essential’ to spread challenging messages in the format of TV commercials. The shooting of the first one is completed and we are doing voice acting for it now, as well as about to start the shooting of the second one.

The book Vestigial Organs are Fully Functional by Bergmann and Howe came off the press – so, we have published 12 books in 2007 in total!

Also, the last day of the year we are doing the intensive details planning for the next year key projects: International video production workshop, Regional video production workshop, Eurasian regional coordinators retreat, ‘Creator’ children summer camp

Please pray for the Lord grant us wisdom and creativity to do the best we can for His Kingdom