December 2006

The most joyful news of the month we have as parents: Zhenya has successfully completed her studies at Kentucky Christian University and has returned back home to join our ministry team. We are so proud of her!

This is also a great joy to see the fruits of the new ministry expansion thru the network of self-supporting and self-governing daughter ministries network that is in forming starting with the Eurasian Apologetics Summit.

On my trip to Uzbekistan I have met two young men – Stas and Dima – who were extremely interested in scientific apologetics for rooting their own faith, but did not have a vision how to use it in their ministry to others. We spend a time together discussing various strategies and approaches, and then I brought them to Ukraine for the Summit, where they met with other apologists and creation evangelists and were able to expand their vision, contacts, and experience. Now, on return to Uzbekistan, they have started training courses for school teachers. The courses are arranged as educational, not religious activity, and this allows avoiding legal problem with the evangelism restrictions in the country.

On the other hand Igor, our regional coordinator for Russian Far East and China, has started monthly training courses on Scientific Apologetics at Blagoveschensk – a city at the Russian-Chineese border with equal access from both sides. A group of 20 persons is taking the course each month. As a final project every student should find a newspaper or magazine article that proclaims the ideas of the naturalism and evolutionary progress, and to write a letter to the editor about the errors of the article. Isn’t it great approach?

The last publishing project of the year is completed – we have got the book Letting God Create Your Day, Vol.4 off the press.

The Ice Age Civilizations video in Russian has being broadcasted couple time on TV. We have sent a sufficient amount of the video DVDs to Eurasian Accreditation Association, and every Christian college and university of the former Soviet Union has got a copy as a Christmas gift from the Association (that means it is approved and authorized for use as an educational material).

The last week of the month I have spent at Idaho where Rick Deighton, a lay minister and creation evangelist who attending our symposiums for many years, has invited me to come before my studies started to speak at Russian-speaking churches id Boise area. I am trying to communicate the immigrants from Soviet Union the message of the importance of apologetics for reaching the post-communist society. I tried to challenge and encourage them to take a stand for preaching the Good News to people at the countries they left. Please join my prayers for the seeds that was planted produce the result eventually.

In general, the year 2006 was extremely exiting experience with lot of opportunities to praise and thank the Lord for the amazing work He is doing through us, a handful of His workers. Among the greatest blessings of the year are:

  • – First Eurasian Apologetics Summit
  • – Science and the Bible Lectorium
  • – Creation Evangelism Children Camp
  • – Uzbekistan mission trip
  • – TCM studies for MA completion
  • – 8 books published
  • – 32 videos produced
  • – Electronic training courses with on-line testing developed
  • – Office facilities and vehicles purchased

The Lord is really good to us! We highly appreciate your care, prayers and support!

Currently I am at Asbury seminary where we have classes from 8 am to 5 pm with the assignments in between. Please pray for my studies here, as well as for safety and health of my family at home.

Please keep praying for the funds for the office reconstruction.Please pray for our ministry, for our team and for all the activities and projects of the year that has started.