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January 2023

We feel the power of your prayers all the time! On the days like these, God’s mercy and care are especially evident!

 Against all the odds, we actually held the session of the “Reliable Foundations” open apologetics club “Does God Exists?” (see the pictures attached). The Power Station allowed the computers, projectors, lights, and cameras to run uninterruptedly independent from the power supply. Couple dozen people managed to attend the meeting despite the travelling troubles. Those who had electricity and internet access during the session time, were able to join us online. Others will be able to watch the recorded video on demand. We now plan the next session (“Does God Exists?” part 2), God willing, for February. Please pray with us for it.

 We praise the Lord for the communication means we have even now, while our team is scattered across the country (including occupied territories) and even abroad. Regular executive team meetings (see the screenshot attached) provide great mutual encouragement as well as help to maintain the vision and explore the Lord’s guidance. All of us – those who are on the screenshot and those who are not – need prayers for safety, health, courage, guidance and protection. Please pray with us.

Exacutive conference

After some time of adjustment to the new realities required, we continue to provide master-level teaching for various seminaries in a format that combines online Q&A group sessions with watching the video version of the lectures by students individually when time and electricity allow them. The students highly appreciate that option since they have electricity available for a few hours a day only, and when it gets on, watching the videos is not the main priority for the household. Cooking, doing laundry, charging the gadgets and power banks, etc., definitely go first! We are so glad to have the online video versions of all our courses! We were thinking we are making them for students in restricted areas. But God was preparing us for a time like that. May His name be praised!

Apologetics Master course

 The Lord provides various opportunities to develop our 2 Timothy 2:2 approach. Thus, we are going on with online Bible studies. Initially, we intended to do it for our team during the COVID lockdown but carried on after the massive war started. Now ministers of some churches joined our lessons. Some of them are from the occupied territories; some have left the ministry and were recruited into the army. But even there, they seek out opportunities to join us from time to time. One of them, Ruslan, is the main pastor of the Church we attend in Kyiv. He is a gifted young man I have been mentoring since I came here. Now he defends the country at the frontline. And, since my health condition is back to normal, I decided to increase my preaching at the church while he was away. Please pray for both of us.

We are so glad to have small book storage at our Center. Refilling it once in a while, we are always fitted to do a book table at any event, as well as to ship the books within the country to whoever needs them. Special time together spent in fellowship and prayers is a great blessing of the food storage used as a bomb shelter (see the pictures attached). We remember you in our prayers constantly!

 Please continue to pray for peace in Ukraine, for the protection of our fellow workers wherever they are, and for the Lord’s guidance to us in this time of uncertainty. Please continue to pray for our teammates who defend our land. They are at the hottest spot in the Northeast of the country. May the Lord protect them!