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September 2022

New books

Recent weeks were a great time of praises and elation in the Lord. After half a year of online communication only, everyone was missing personal fellowship and interaction! And now, despite the regular air raid alerts and other inconveniences related to the war, we can see our friends and coworkers face to face.

We had an extremely joyful retreat with our content development team in the city of Rivne. They continue to do a great job despite all the troubles. All the resources are uploaded online immediately. Our audience across the globe use them for missions, adult and children Bible studies, reading and sharing. It is actually a miracle, but against all the odds, we have got two new books off the press! The target date was in March. All the logistics, plans and opportunities changed drastically after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Nevertheless, slowly but surely, the work continued and came to the completion. May the Lord be praised!

Reliable Foundations online apologetics club
Reliable Foundations online apologetics club
Reliable Foundations online apologetics club

The date planned for the Reliable Foundations online apologetics club was February 26th. On that date, however, the invaders’ troops were just 10 miles away from Kyiv and sabotage units in the city already. Now we have started the main project of the year! May the Lord be praised! The situation changed a lot compared to the pre-war times. The questions people ask shifted considerably. Therefore we have changed the topic of the first meeting. It was “The good Creator of the evil world.” We discussed the burning question: why the Lord allows the issues we face to happen, and how can we see His love and care even during the worst times?

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Joint School of Apologetics hybrid course

The meeting was in a hybrid format. Some were involved in class (twice more than we expected to come to the location outside the city!), and some followed online. We have later uploaded the YouTube version for those who are not able to join in time. The event went above all our expectations! May the Lord be praised! The next meeting, “Does God exist?” is scheduled for November 5th, DV. Please keep it in your prayers!

Books ministry
The Book of Joyful Hope seminar

A breath of fresh air was also “The Book of Joyful Hope” seminar at the New Life church (one of the biggest in Kyiv) about the book of Revelation, as well as the first in a while actual Master level class of the Joint School of Apologetics. The course “Practical Christian Ethics” was also planned in the same hybrid format. Though only four students were in class, a lot of the audience joined the streaming across Europe – from Ukraine to Portugal. May the Lord be praised! Please pray with us for those faithful students of Him who continue to learn despite the troubles. May they be good teachers in accordance with our 2 Timothy 2:2 major strategy!

We are in the final stages of the most urgent part of our facilities’ outdoor renovation – the water resistance and the supporting pillars fixing and reinforcement (another winter would be quite challenging for them otherwise). In the hope of the facilities’ safety, we decided to go ahead with the rest of the renovation to finish it by the winter. Please pray for it.

We are thankful for the care of the humanitarian needs at the country. Due to the targeted help we were able to provide to a nursing home that could not evacuate during times of danger, our partner church at the area is able to do regular worship services there. May the Lord be praised!

January 2022

God is good!  Despite all the challenges we face because of the winter roads, quarantine restrictions, economic pressures, political troubles, and even military threats, He never stops providing opportunities for the Kingdom’s work! Most of the training, teaching, and preaching was held online through group communication tools (Zoom, Google Meet, Skype) and various social media platforms. Since our ministry’s main focus is not fishing but the nets-makers training, we do not often see our work’s final fruits. However, in these times of limitations, people on multiple occasions told us how much they were inspired, encouraged, and equipped through our projects and resources for spreading the Christ message with the most effective methods and strategies. May the Lord be praised!

The very blessed event of the month was a mission trip to the city of Khmelnytskyi in the southwest of the country. Among various visits, preaching and fellowship, it included two special projects. The first one was the Theology of Marriage course at the Marriage School. The couples came from all over the country to be trained to lead marriage seminars and groups in their cities. It was a joyful time of exploring together God’s plan for marriage and how we can know Him better through a proper understanding of the relationships He designed (see the pictures attached). Now they are back homes to share with others, according to 2 Timothy 2:2, what they learned for the healthy Christian families development as strong evidence to the fallen world of God’s amazing grace revealed through the homes of the faithful. May the Lord guide them in this ministry!

The second project was a seminar for the city’s youth on Science and the Bible relationships. We very much enjoyed the depth of the questions the audience came up with! It is exciting to see the generation raised at the church after communism collapsed. I believe these boys and girls are going to impact the country in the name of Jesus in many ways. Our purpose is to share with them the resources and experience we got in the best way we can! Please join our prayers for the rich fruits of this trip!

This year we have launched two new monthly projects we need prayers for. The first one is the Reasonable Answers to Uncomfortable Questions online program.

Our partners from Upstream youth ministry collect the challenging issues young believers wonder about a biblical view of, then we openly discuss them at their studio (see the pictures attached). The January program got more than 170k views and 3800 comments. We have recorded the February one already and are collecting the uncomfortable questions for the March one. Please pray with us for the vast impact of the project for the Kingdom’s greater glory!

Another project is the relaunch of Reliable Foundations online apologetics club in a new format from our new facilities. The first meeting is scheduled for February 26th and will review the evidence for God’s existence. The format will depend on many factors, including quarantine restrictions and the ways of military conflict development.  Please pray with us also for the mild winter ending and early spring, so we could start the Apologetic Center facilities outdoor renovation soon, as well as for the resources to do it. Pray for peace in our part of the world.