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December 2006

The most joyful news of the month we have as parents: Zhenya has successfully completed her studies at Kentucky Christian University and has returned back home to join our ministry team. We are so proud of her!

This is also a great joy to see the fruits of the new ministry expansion thru the network of self-supporting and self-governing daughter ministries network that is in forming starting with the Eurasian Apologetics Summit.

On my trip to Uzbekistan I have met two young men – Stas and Dima – who were extremely interested in scientific apologetics for rooting their own faith, but did not have a vision how to use it in their ministry to others. We spend a time together discussing various strategies and approaches, and then I brought them to Ukraine for the Summit, where they met with other apologists and creation evangelists and were able to expand their vision, contacts, and experience. Now, on return to Uzbekistan, they have started training courses for school teachers. The courses are arranged as educational, not religious activity, and this allows avoiding legal problem with the evangelism restrictions in the country.

On the other hand Igor, our regional coordinator for Russian Far East and China, has started monthly training courses on Scientific Apologetics at Blagoveschensk – a city at the Russian-Chineese border with equal access from both sides. A group of 20 persons is taking the course each month. As a final project every student should find a newspaper or magazine article that proclaims the ideas of the naturalism and evolutionary progress, and to write a letter to the editor about the errors of the article. Isn’t it great approach?

The last publishing project of the year is completed – we have got the book Letting God Create Your Day, Vol.4 off the press.

The Ice Age Civilizations video in Russian has being broadcasted couple time on TV. We have sent a sufficient amount of the video DVDs to Eurasian Accreditation Association, and every Christian college and university of the former Soviet Union has got a copy as a Christmas gift from the Association (that means it is approved and authorized for use as an educational material).

The last week of the month I have spent at Idaho where Rick Deighton, a lay minister and creation evangelist who attending our symposiums for many years, has invited me to come before my studies started to speak at Russian-speaking churches id Boise area. I am trying to communicate the immigrants from Soviet Union the message of the importance of apologetics for reaching the post-communist society. I tried to challenge and encourage them to take a stand for preaching the Good News to people at the countries they left. Please join my prayers for the seeds that was planted produce the result eventually.

In general, the year 2006 was extremely exiting experience with lot of opportunities to praise and thank the Lord for the amazing work He is doing through us, a handful of His workers. Among the greatest blessings of the year are:

  • – First Eurasian Apologetics Summit
  • – Science and the Bible Lectorium
  • – Creation Evangelism Children Camp
  • – Uzbekistan mission trip
  • – TCM studies for MA completion
  • – 8 books published
  • – 32 videos produced
  • – Electronic training courses with on-line testing developed
  • – Office facilities and vehicles purchased

The Lord is really good to us! We highly appreciate your care, prayers and support!

Currently I am at Asbury seminary where we have classes from 8 am to 5 pm with the assignments in between. Please pray for my studies here, as well as for safety and health of my family at home.

Please keep praying for the funds for the office reconstruction.Please pray for our ministry, for our team and for all the activities and projects of the year that has started.

November 2006

The greatest news, praise and thanksgiving of the month – we have received the vehicles! As I wrote before, we were recently blessed with the extremely gracious gift designated for the production/distribution office facilities and the vehicle(s) purchase. The facilities purchase went faster, but we had to wait for the cars since they are assembled in Germany. But now they are delivered. Due to the opportunities of the seats/trunk transformation, the luggage capacity for the vehicles of their size is amazing – we will be able to transport all the equipment for on-the site conferences with them! Now we are equipped with the transport completely – something we were only dreamed about during fourteen years of the ministry! By this time everyone in our team who was brave enough to take driving courses has passed them successfully and got their driving license. On the picture attached is our office team with the vehicles: Lena, office manager; Timothy, distribution manager; Olga, our bookkeeper and my precious wife; Vadim, general coordinator; and myself behind the lens 🙂

Two major production projects of the year are completed and are in distribution now – the videos ‘Walking thru the past’ on the Moscow Paleontology Museum and ‘Ice Age Civilizations’ Russian version. The videos provide amazing facts that discredit the very idea of the life (the former one) and human culture (the later one) natural progress. The later video is the very first one we have printed a big (5.000 copies) run at the DVD printing plant (we burn all other DVDs on request), and going to supply all Christian schools of former Soviet Union with a copy.

We had to broadcast the paleontology video twice again after the first air on the audience requests in October, and going to broadcast Ice Age Civilizations in December. Please pray for the Lord prepares the hearts of people to see the truth in it and make right conclusions.

We have completed also the book Letting God Create Your Day (a collection of 90 seconds radio program scripts) vol.4 translation into Russian and the book is at the press currently.

Regretfully lacking of our own production studio delays the rest of the video projects production. One more week is needed to complete the video version of the Eurasian Apologetics Summit workshops and seminars and one more month to complete Urok (The Lesson) video. Please keep praying with us for the funds to make the new office reconstruction in the way we could serve for the Lord’s glory more effectively.

Nevertheless we do not slow down in our desire to serve. Our principle is to make three projects at the same time: one – with the hands, another – with the head, and third one – with the heart. The Summit workshops video is a manual work already; Urok is the one we keep doing with the heads very much. But our hearts have started to work on the new project – a video we call The Quest so far. We would like to make it as a movie about a group of adventurous guys (and may be girls) who are searching for some ancient archeological sites and, in the same time – for the meaning in the life. The project is nothing more than a random set of dreams, ideas and expectations so far, but we have a feeling that we will see a clear picture for it soon. Please pray for the Lord provides us guidance in this adventure.

As for me personally, I am up to the ears in reading and writing assignment for the studies at Asbury I am leaving for on January 26. Please keep my upcoming trip in your prayers as well.

At the same time our Zhenya is about to complete her studies at Kentucky Christian University and going back home on December 18-19. Please pray for the safety of her trip as well as for the vision from the Lord how He wants to use her next.

October 2006

If put the month experience in one word, it would be: WOW! Or, in few words: O Lord, how great are thy works!

Despite of all, we did it – we have managed to make the Symposium and the Summit back to back reaching the goals of every event successfully! May the Lord be praised!

The Symposium (see the picture attached) is, as you know, a short-term mission to the tribes of intellectuals we are doing twice a year for a decade. The area of academia is the hardest soil that requires most of preparation before we can expect a harvest. However the Word of God keeps working, and in the long run we can observe the worldview shift even with some most persistent atheists (for the sake of fair and open game we invite non-believers of high academic positions to be co-chairpersons of the Symposium sections.)

Here is a record of the Philosophy section ending proclaimed by its co-chairman Dr. Felix Lazarev of the Tavrida National University, where he heads Philosophy Department (former Marxism-Leninism Philosophy Department) for decades. Closing the session he has addressed the audience with the following words: “Thank you so much for your participation and interesting discussion that we had during our meetings. I have tried to make every effort to give more room for dialogue, because this is very important. The conference itself deals with an important issue: man in his worldview. Indeed, the major question we face in life, and we try to tackle with it here, is: What is man’s purpose for life? As I understand it, man’s purpose is to know God and to draw closer to God.”

Amen! ‘Thou art not far from the kingdom of God.’ Praise the Lord! We do not know how much it will take for the person to make a decision, but it hard to underestimate the impact of the man with his position worldview change on the faculty and students he has influence on. Please keep this man in your prayers.

Right after the closing words of the Symposium we went to Yalta for the Summit, where about 50 leading apologists from former Soviet Union came together (see the picture attached) for mutual recourses and experience sharing, training and equipping. We had people from Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan and Moldova. The most remote participants’ homes has 9 hours time difference and more then 4.000 miles between them. Most of them never met each other before, but by the end they feel as one big family team and got a great encouragement for the ministry development.

Networking and mutual encouragement was the main goal of the summit, however we pay much attention to the training as well. The workshops at the Summit were:1. An apologetic of the bodily resurrection of Jesus2. Apologetics and Politics3. Apologetics and the Arts4. Gospels as Historical Documents5. How to Use Critical Thinking in Apologetics6. Planning and Developing Your Own Apologetics Ministry7. Recent Controversies in Historical Apologetics8. Strengths, Weaknesses and Strategy of Historical Arguments in the Current Philosophical Climate9. The Nature and Value of Scientific Apologetics10. The Place of Reason in Apologetics11. The Problem of Evil12. What is the status of Intelligent Design, and is it a helpful apologetical tool?

The very special treat for them was a gift of a set of the books on the various issues of apologetics, as well as two new documentary videos beta version presentation – ‘Ice Age Civilizations’ and ‘Walking Trough the Past’. The former one is a Russian version of the video ( that discloses false ideas on Ice Age Chronology and human civilizations history. ‘How much I wish I knew about all that facts earlier!’ – some people say after the presentation.

The later video is based on Moscow Paleontology Museum exposition. It seems like our work has reached the goal. It has encouraged many to use the museums at their regions (every town has one – they were developed by communists as a part of the ideology propaganda) for spreading the truth about Creation.

The rest of the month was devoted to the Summit follow-up – sending requested information and materials to the participants, encouraging them in their ministry, sharing the experience. People feel very inspired by understanding themselves as a part of God’s greater plan now. The Summit became a very important milestone in the Apologetics in former communist countries development. It will never be the same.

Now we are working on technical issues of making the Summit materials available for everyone in the format convenient for them. We have already issued a DVD-ROM with the seminars and workshops audio records in MP3 format, Summit pictures collection and various bonus audio (MP3) and video (Mpeg4) materials.

The video version of the workshops and seminars are going to be issued in month since it requires more editing. However we are still excited by the opportunity to have a new studio in a year, and the production will be much easier then. Please keep in your prayers our need for the funds to make the new office reconstruction in the way it will serve the best for the ministry.

The release version of the videos ‘Walking thru the past’ and ‘Ice Age Civilizations’ are completed and going for the print now.

The culmination of the month was brief but productive trip to Kiev where I had being issued a visa to continue my studies at Asbury in January-February. Please keep my upcoming trip in your prayers as well.

Please pray for our ministry and all the projects mentioned above. Pray also for my family and for our team. You are in our prayers as well.

September 2006

The month has started with a sort of adventure. The owner of the studio we rented for the soundtracks recording have canceled the agreement as soon as he found out what our videos are about – he happened to be a secular humanist, and found the videos dangerous for his self-comforting worldview. Isn’t it a great approval for our materials?

It took a time for us to find another studio – there are very few in the area and they are booked months ahead. Nevertheless we have found one (however – with limited access), and have a progress with the video production finally.

Science and the Bible Lectorium (the workshops by leading Russian and Ukrainian creationists in Kiev) video are completed and available on 4 DVDs already.

Audio files for ‘Walking thru the past’ documentary on paleontology and ‘Ice Age Civilizations’ Russian version are done. We are doing our best to complete the postscoring by the Eurasian Apologetics Summit (October 6-9) and make a presentation of both videos there. After that we will concentrate all our efforts on completing ‘Urok’ (the lesson) video for teenagers.

The great encouragement for us now is that in a year we will have the production studio of our own if the Lord provides us with the funds for the new office reconstruction. Please join our prayers about this.

We almost finished building a warehouse at the new office property and have moved most of the books there already. After the Summit we are going to move old shelves there and see how many new ones we will need to arrange the storing space most effectively.

We have received ‘Refuting Evolution 2’ book by Jonathan Sarfati and Michael Matthews off the press, and this is the first book that went to the new place directly from the printer.

However the most special adventure of the month was our trip to Uzbekistan. Alongside with Turkmenistan, the country has the least level of religious freedom and highest level of corruption in former Soviet countries. Russians can worship at the legal (registered) churches there, but preaching the Gospel to Uzbeks and inviting them to the services is strongly prohibited. Any illegal religious gatherings are persecuted, but it is required to have 100 signed up church members to get a congregation registered for making the gathering legal. No wonder no one national church is registered in a few years. On the contrary, many churches has lost their registration in the same period since they should reenlist the members regularly and update the officials on the list, but many people afraid to be reenlisted. Nevertheless the Body of Christ is growing in Uzbekistan constantly and considerably thru the underground home churches and cell groups.

Accordingly to the situation there were two main aspects of our ministry in the country – legal workshops delivered thru the registered churches on the one hand, and underground training of the home churches leaders thru personal fellowship and on the informal occasions (see the pictures) on the other hands. For instance, in the area of Qoqon/Kokand (one of the Great Silk Way ancient trade centers the word ‘cocoon’ came from) we were invited as a special guests for the believers couple’s ‘Wedding 3rd day’ celebration. According to the local tradition the newly-weds do not receive any guests or visitors for three days after the wedding, but on the third day they call for all their married friends for a special party. We have used this tradition as a formal excuse to bring together young married couples from a local network of underground home and cell churches and to do workshops on the Biblical foundation for the marriage and on the strategy and methods of using wedding traditions for bringing people to Christ.

The most amazing and encouraging experience of the trip was meetings with various people, whom I never knew before, but they are using our books, videos, tracts, curricula etc. for the seminars they are doing – at the churches and schools, with children and incapable people, legally and underground – for training God’s people for right understanding and effective spreading of the truth about the world, the Bible and Jesus (see the pictures attached). This is a great sign that we are going right direction implementing the vision we have for encouraging and equipping local national leaders. Our goal is for every church to have at least one lay person who could train others for effective Christian worldview persuasion

The Lord has guided and protected us during the entire trip providing the wisdom and the vision on how to do the ministry without giving the officials any excuse to accuse us or the people we were serving to. The only and the last chance Satan took to intimidate us was at the airport on our way back. We have passed already flight registration, customs, residence permits inspection, passport control, and were approaching flight security check-up, when suddenly we were taken to the terminal supervisor office and informed that our tickets (purchased out of the country thru other carrier then national air company) are not valid for the national air company flight. They knew from our customs declaration we do not have any money to buy new tickets (we left for the local ministries all the funds we had), our visas and registration was canceled already. So it looked like we were driven into a corner and could be easy provoked for a confrontation or ‘cooperation’.

However we have had a complete peace about the situation. Our tickets were refundable if we cancel the trip before the plane take off (however the funds should be collected in Ukraine only). We reasoned the passport control guys to cancel our visas cancellation, and then we called our regional coordinator, who came and loaned us the funds to purchase new tickets for the next day flight.

After this we have restored our residence permit by registration at the downtown hotel, and spent the rest of the day without arranging any other meeting or workshops – just exploring the town as tourists. Next day we flew back home without any problems. Thank you very much fro your prayers!

On the return I became immediately involved in the last preparations for the Symposium and the Summit. Please pray for these extremely important projects.

Pray also please for my preparation and the trip to United States in January-February to continue my doctorate studies at Asbury Seminary.

Please pray for our ministry and all the projects mentioned above. Pray also for my family and for our team.

August 2006

Despite of expecting from the month nothing but routing work of the period when the summer projects are over, but the fall projects are not started yet, the month became very special period of excitement and praises for the Lord’s work in our ministry and thru it.

The greatest news that expands the horizons of our ministry considerably is the extremely gracious designated gift by Genesis Veracity ministry for the office facilities expansion and two vehicles purchase. The gift had come right in time to meet the most urgent needs of our ministry immediately and practically all current need eventually.

The house we have purchased for the office facilities can be used right away for a long-term workers apartment with a garage. Small reconstruction would provide space for Science and Apologetics Society office and reasonably big (500 sq. feet) warehouse in the backyard.

However we would like to take a step of faith and do nothing with it (except building a warehouse) right now, in order to restrain from any reconstruction that would have to be altered later. We are going to use the facility “as is” till the spring. Meanwhile, are going to make the architect project and raise funds for major reconstruction which will give the space for:- Science and Apologetics Society / materials distribution office
– Video/multimedia production studio
– Technical support department office
– Conference room
– Long-term workers apartment
– Two short-term workers lodging rooms
– Garage
– Warehouse

The walls of the warehouse are raised up already. Soon we have enough space to move there all our materials from home closets, and yard storages.

This is a great strategic step for the ministry development! Please join our prayers for the funds provided by the time when heating can be switched off and the reconstruction can go ahead/ Pray also for us to use this opportunity for greater glory of our Lord, and for His wisdom and guidance in our plans. The estimate for the reconstruction cost is about $50,000. An additional $40,000 would allow us to purchase a neighbour lot for parking, for some technical buildings, as well as for a space for future facilities development when needed.

After some study, we found out that Ford provides much better quality/price ratio at local vehicles market, and have made down payment for two vehicles – Fusion (for mostly in-town use) and C-Max (for more universal use). The first one is going to be delivered in September, second one – in October. Both vehicles have big enough trunk space for the equipment we use during seminars, conferences, filming, etc.

Believe me or not, but no one of our staff (10 persons of age 20 to 50) drives! So the most courageous of us are signed up for driving lessons and study this science and art with the excitement currently. Please pray for our guys (and girls) be not too much excited on the road about their driving abilities J

Great joy of the month was mixed with grieve and sorrow. We grieved to part with Nikolai (a father of our video-production department leader Misha) whom we all love and respect very much. However we are excited to think about our future meeting with him in the clouds (1Th.4:17).

Misha’s home is our main video production site currently, and all the projects we are working on got delayed over again. I hesitate to point any specific day right now, but rather would say how much time is needed to complete the projects that are going on if no major interruption happens (like a storm couple days ago that cut off the power for several hours). Science and the Bible Lectorium, the workshops by leading Russian and Ukrainian creationists in Kiev – one week. ‘Walking thru the past’ documentary on paleontology – two weeks. ‘Urok’ (the lesson) video for teenagers – from six to eight weeks. Lacking of the studio of our own slows down the postscoring considerably.

However this is a great encouragement and excitement for us to think, that, God willing, in a year we will have a video production studio facilities of our own, and the future projects (those we are dreaming about already and those we do not have idea about yet) will go much easier technically.

Meanwhile, we do not slow down our work, and have started to work in a new project already – Ice Age Civilizations ( video Russian dubbing. We are doing voice actors casting for it currently.

Another excitement with a little sorrow in it is parting with Zhenya – she left for her last semester of studies in US. We are missing her very much; however we are excited about the opportunity she has to be trained better for the service. She flew thru London one week after the troubles happened there, but was allowed to take her computer to the cabin. All her luggage got lost, but arrived safe and sound in a week – nothing is missing or damaged. Thank you very much for your prayers about her travel safety, please pray for her vision on how the Lord wants to use on this side of the Kingdom.

‘Refuting Evolution 2’ book by Jonathan Sarfati and Michael Matthews got thru pre-press work and going to the press soon. Please pray for this very important project as well.

Another reason for joy, excitement and praises is the first signs we are receiving that confirm successfulness and availability of the strategy we develop for this new stage of our ministry growth – finding, training and equipping the leaders of local leaders everywhere. We provide encouragement and guidance for the initiatives of people; our final goal is for every local church to have lay people teaching others how challenge the worldview of nonbelievers effectively destroying the strongholds on their way to Jesus.

Here is the message we received thru our coordinator for Far East, who got it from people at Bouryateya (ethnic region in Russia between Siberia and Mongolia).

A church from Ulan-Ude has organized a six-day Creation Evangelism camp at Baikal lake. It was quite an unusual camp. First of all, it was not a children’s camp; all campers were adults. Secondly, most of the staff and the campers were people with speech and hearing disorders. There were two teachers among them. Thirdly, the program of the camp was unusual. It was called “Refuting Evolution”, and based on materials supplied by Christian center for Science and Apologetics and on the book of Romans. Unlike the program of the children’s camp, the one for adults is not full of various games and other entertainments – people came there to have some rest. However there were two items everyone was involved into – the evening service and the morning fellowship in groups. At the evening people watched various videos that refute evolution and prove the authority and reliability of the Bible. After the movies people were asked questions that were to be discussed during the time of the morning fellowship. In the morning the whole camp, including the staff, was gathered in the groups. Everyone had a note book with Bible texts, questions, and additional scientific materials. At the very first service, where both models of origins were presented, some people began to doubt the reliability of the evolution. The third time people met for the morning fellowship no one doubted about the Creator existence, and people were open for the call to accept Jesus.

Please pray for people who made this camp to provide proper follow-up to the campers, for the seeds that were planted, for the Lord providing ministers who can water the seeds and help the harvest to grow. Pray also for us to discover and equip more leaders for developing local ministries and initiatives like this.

I would appreciate special prayers for the trip to Uzbekistan we are going for in September 15-25 together with two great servants of God, our ministry board members Georges Carillet (board chairman, Commonwealth International University – Ukraine president) and Evgeniy (Zhenya) Shved (Pioneer Bible Translators) to visit our regional coordinator Andrey Gorkovenko and see how our ministries can partner in outreach at Central Asia.

Zhenya and I as Ukrainian and Moldavian citizens do not need visas to go there, however Georges does need it, and we did not receive a confirmation that he issued it yet. Please pray for his visa. Our visit program will include meetings and training workshops with the leaders of national home (unregistered) churches; this could be considered as a law violation (there is no clear distinction between private meeting and religious gathering there), please pray for the Lord provide us wisdom, guidance and protection.Please pray also for our preparation for two great projects of the fall that going back to back – Academic Symposium (a short-term trip to the tribes of intellectuals J we are doing twice a year, see and Eurasian Apologetics Summit (networking, training, encouraging and equipping the leaders of the leaders in apologetics, see

Pray also please for my preparation and the trip to United States in January-February to continue my doctorate studies at Asbury Seminary.

July 2006

The biggest project of the month was the Camp for Christian Medical Students (CCMS) we have organized in Kursk (Central Russia) together with our coordinators, partners and volunteers from the region. Students from several medical schools of Central Russia gathered there for 7 days of the camp. The group of the youngest from of our team (included my daughter Zhenya) was providing technical support, workshops, worship and music, discussion groups during the camp. It was a great experience for the students in training to practice and defend their faith and stand for the Biblical truth in every aspect of it.

We have finished now with the camps we planned for this year and beyond the current projects and work our main focus is preparing the fall symposium and the summit.

The greatest production news is the completion of ‘Science and the Bible’ multimedia distance learning course. Having it done, we have issued a powerful ‘Study materials’ DVD-ROM which includes:

– Science and the Bible distance learning course lectures (12 hours)
– Systematic Apologetics distance learning course (the one we made couple months before) lectures (24 hours)
– Electronic library on apologetics
– The Rocks Cry Out video in Mpeg4
– Complete copy of our web-site
– Bibles of the World free Bible software (Bible text in 60 languages).

After some hardships, we have quite a progress with the video production. The shooting of the ‘Urok’ (the lesson) video for teenagers is completed finally. We are doing the cut and voice record currently. The documentary on paleontology ‘Walking thru the past’ is almost completed and about to be released in couple weeks. Also we systematize the materials we shoot during Kiev Science and the Bible Lectorium – the workshops by leading Russian and Ukrainian creationists. We have 25 hours of it recorded in total and plan to make it available in 3 forms – video on five DVDs; video in Mpeg-4 format with all of them on one DVD-ROM; audio CD-ROM in MP-3.

Another great development of our work in Russia thru the regional coordinator is publishing there ‘How Should We Then Live’ by Francis A. Schaeffer. This is a classical book on a Pragmatical Apologetics (evaluating the worldviews by the fruits they produce) that gives comprehensive comparison of the biblical theism and secular humanism influence on European culture and the outcomes of these worldviews in the various areas like philosophy, science, arts and society. The book is extremely valuable tool for the dismantle the secular humanism for people of former Soviet Union who for several generations was indoctrinated in this most ancient false religion that teaches that humans could be their own gods who themselves could decide what is good and what is evil.

We have completed the translation of another book extremely useful for demolishing the strongholds of atheism in the society where people accustomed to worship science. This is ‘Refuting Evolution 2’ by Jonathan Sarfati and Michael Matthews. The book pulls together the most powerful arguments that Christians are likely to hear from today’s leading evolutionary scientists. An aggressive crusade against Biblical truth is going on in the media with the use of the rhetoric of Scientific American collection of the best arguments in a combative cover story, ‘15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense.’ As a sequel to Refuting Evolution, the book refutes the latest arguments to support evolution as well as very idea that creation is ‘nonsense’, ‘a religious view that has nothing to do with science.’

It is always a great joy to have a feedback from the people we serve to in various area of post-communist society. Very encouraging messages are coming usually right ion time we need them. Here is the letter we receive from a prison where we send a supply of creation evangelism materials recently:

“We are so thankful to God for your care and for the work you do that helps people to find answers to the question “Is there a God?” I and other Christians that are here want to tell you how highly we appreciate everything you are doing for us. May the Lord be praised thru people, who follow Him and spread the resources that prepare the soil for His Word. Thank you that regardless of the fact that we are criminals, you find time and the funds to send us so valuable materials. We praise the Lord that your work makes our faith stronger and enables us to demolish the strongholds of atheism. You and other Christian authors help us, people who live in a secular world, to spread the teaching of our Lord – the teaching of life based on the Scriptures and supported by scientific facts. I would like to let you know that as soon as I received materials from you, people got interested in it, even non-believers! Thank you again for your work that makes our faith stronger, helps to get closer to God, and provides the understanding of God’s world. Thank you very much that you have a time to answer even to such people like we are. There is no other way for us to express our gratitude but through only words of appreciation. May the Lord help you! May He bless you with love, joy, peace, strong health, happiness and many years of life! Please do not forget us and may the Lord be praised!” Alexei Kalashnik, penitentiary jail, Poltava (Central Ukraine)

Please pray for our ministry and all the projects mentioned above. Pray also for my family and for our team. 

June 2006

The month was full of blessings and excitement!

The first part of the month I spent teaching two weeks intensive training course for the pastors of Donetsk (Eastern Ukraine) area churches. I had about forty of them in my class.

Teaching ministers is much better joy then regular students. It is always pleasure to see the people who immediately understand where and how they can apply the material they study.

A weekend between the classes I spend visiting churches of the region on the invitation of my students. It involved preaching, talking to the leaders of the churches, doing Q&A seminars on various issues of Creation evangelism, apologetics, church life and personal life in Christ. I have returned to the campus tired by rejoicing of great serving opportunities the Lord provided.

On the return I had a brief week with our team with the last preparations for TVORETS (‘Creator’ in Russian) Creation Evangelism children’s camp. We went for on June 20. For 10 days we were living in the tents in juniper grove at the Black Sea coast with 25 kids of age eight to twelve from various churches and family background (5 of them were from family-type orphanages). Together with the kids we studied how to stand more firm in our faith and how to be better faith defenders.

During the lessons we were going thru key points of biblical history – Creation, Fall, Flood, Babel confusion, Christmas, Redemption and New creation. During the games and activities we practiced how to apply our knowledge effectively in our daily life and Christian witnessing.

We have had lot of fun playing, swimming, trying to imagine a life at the Noah’s ark, searching for the young earth and Noah’s flood evidences recorded in the rocks. The camp was a great blessing for us and for the kids. And I believe it will be a great blessing for their families and their churches, where the truth of the Bible could be defended from the very youth.

Here is a feedback from the camp counselors’ leader: ‘The program of the camp made me see the Bible in some way differently. Now I am convinced that the Bible not just a book to tell us about Savior and the salvation, but also a true history of the creation. The program can be used both for believers and nonbelievers. Teaching it lesson after a lesson I observed how the worldview of the kids who did not know God was formed toward Biblical understanding of the world. On the other hand, believers were excited to discover various evidences and arguments on Biblical truth relevance for the real world. Both kids and counselors experienced great satisfaction in stage by stage study thru the Bible of the story of the universe- its past, present and the future’ (Irina Tsaritson, camp senior counselor).

In couple days after the our return from children’s camp, the biggest part of our office team left to Central Russia for doing medical universities students camp – the outreach project we are doing together with our former manager and now Central Russia coordinator Andrey Goorsky. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance and protection in it.

Please pray for all the projects mentioned above. Pray for the fruits from the seeds that had being planted. Pray also for my family and for our team. You are in our prayers as well.

May 2006

We are back from Vienna. It was a great blessing to have the opportunity to go there for graduation. After the graduation we spend three days more in the area. We rented a room at the village not far from the city (even with the local train tickets it was 4 times cheaper then the cheapest place at the city) and just had a little vacation. For 18 years we did not have an opportunity to go somewhere with my wife – just two of us – without any study, teaching or speaking appointments. We came back home greatly refreshed and full with the memories, experiences and new ideas!

The same time with the graduation, our team was doing technical support of the Man and Christian Worldview symposium. The regular participants say it was the best so far. The new translation and multimedia equipment we have for it makes communication of the ideas much easier. Synchronic Russian-English translation from the portable booth to wireless headphones saved much of time and helped Anglophone speakers to be more involved into the discussion. We had especially many top-level Russian secular Philosophy professors this year, and they admitted that it was the best organized conference they ever attended. Please pray for the seeds planted in their hearts during the symposium will bring the harvest eventually.

Another great news of the month is the Lectorium on Science and the Bible at Kiev ‘Planetarium’ progress. The seminars keep going on and has a great success – the hall is full, people even standing in the aisles sometimes! Most of people are quite young, but there are several professors-evolutionists attending every meeting as well. The discussions are going one even 1.5-2 hours after the session is officially closed. Every session the financial reword is offered for the proof of evolution theory, but nobody dared to claim it yet.

The mass-media got extremely interested in the issue and change their tone from sarcastic to supportive. The newspapers demand the Ministry of Education to consider our appeal to remove mistakes and fill the gaps at the textbooks on history, biology, geology, astronomy and even mathematics; to change phrase ‘Evolution theory’ to ‘Evolution hypothesis’; to provide equal information on both naturalism and creationism; to stop using tax-payers money to promote the atheism religion exclusively.

A regional TV put on the air the interview with me at the evening news in the extremely positive context; and the most popular national-wide private TV channel ‘Channel 5’ even made the 30 min live talk show with the discussion of our leading speaker well known nuclear physicist academician Vladislav Olkhovsky and leading national Darwinian biologist prof. Kharchenko on the prime-time Friday (May 19) night, 8:15-8:45 pm. It was obvious from the discussions, that the natural progress proponent is not aware of the theory problems, and just blindly believes in it. Both two of the TV commentators hosting the show as well as the audience who called to the studio admitted Olkhovsky’s position as more sound and grounded one. Please join our prayers to the Lord of the harvest to produce proper fruit of it in proper time.

Some technical problems (hard drive collapse, fore instance) and the desire of our video/Multimedia production team for the excellence slow down our plans a little bit, but the progress is going on.

Our second distant learning Multimedia course Science and the Bible is almost completed already. The course has the same structure with the previous one Systematic Apologetics. Both courses are going to be available on the DVD-ROMs alongside with the previously developed Apologetics Electronic Library and the Bible software program Bibles of the World.

Bibles of the World program is free software developed by our Kiev team. It could also be downloaded from our web-site

Family and the Bible Festival seminars DVD version is also completed. The great news related to the Festival we received from a lady who attended all of them we made. Couple years ago she got married to a minister from Germany. Now we got a message from her that she would like to organize Family and the Bible Festival over there in Germany. This is a great joy to see how our ideas are used and multiplied. Academic conferences, summer camps, family festivals are going after our model regularly in a few places in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. This is the very first time we hear about the approach spread beyond the former Soviet Union. May the Lord help her in her ministry!Other productions plan looks following way currently:
June 10 – The Lesson video shooting complete
July 1 – Walking thru the Past video on Paleontology complete
August 1 – The Lesson sound recording and cut complete

Please pray about them.

The progress with the publishing projects is going on as well. ‘Transforming Leadership’ by Leighton Ford is printed already and is in the binding currently. The book will be printed right in time to be used as a textbook for the TCM International Institute (the school I just graduated from) Leadership course in Ukraine.

We have worked out the arrangements with the TCMII Ukraine national director and gave out to him enough copies of every book titles we have available for the libraries of Russian-speaking national TCM centers.

Also Strategic Problems of Evangelism brochure updated versions 1.000 copies were given out to the participants of the Christian ministers’ conference in Kiev. The conference had three tracks – on Church planting and building, on Christian Business, and on Worship. The brochure was received with a great interest. I believe it will be a great catalyst for our network development.

‘The Seven C’s’ curriculum for the children camp is printed already (instructors’ manuals and children’s handouts). We will use it at our camp in June as well as make them available for other churches and ministries.

The associate ministry in Russia started by our former manager Andrey Goorsky has completed pre-press work on How Should We Than Live? by Francis Schaeffer finally and are giving it to the press now. This book is very good for people looking for answers why ‘good old times’ of the communism collapse.

We have quite a progress with the translation projects at our Uzbek group. Different test assignment was given to three different translators groups to see who will be able to fulfill it. To our surprise all three groups equally slow (as usually in the world of Orient) but succeeded! Now we have three projects translated into Uzbek – What We Believe In; Global Flood; and Walking Through the Shadows. We are in process now of making arrangements for editing and printing. Nobody knows how long it will take since this is paralegal activity at Uzbekistan. Our contract person is coming to Ukraine for the strategy discussion tomorrow, and I am going there in September. Please pray for the safety, wisdom and vision from the Lord in this work.

The completely fresh news is that a German Christian publishing company Daniel Verlag has contacted me with the extremely interesting offer to publish in Russian their Bible-based science textbook CREATIO ( Nothing like this was ever published in Russian. This fool color book with plenty pictures gives both biblically and scientifically correct understanding of the creation as well as shows the shortcomings of the naturalism. Everything is presented in a way acceptable for the middle-high age schoolchildren. I believe this is a great opportunity! However the project would be the most expensive we ever had. Please pray for the Lord give us wisdom and resources to do it.

Supplying of the front line missionaries with the materials we need is a priority of our ministry. Here is one of the feedback notes we have received recently:“Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ! I am so thankful to the Lord and to you for the work your ministry is doing. It is extremely important in our impious times. The materials you provide is a great weapon against the unbelief rooted in the hearts of people, who are used to thinking that we are just a product of evolution. May the Lord leads you in this important and hard work. I believe that a lot of people will change their worldview and turn to the Savior through your ministry.” Yakivchenko O.N. (by e-mail).

The most important upcoming events in our ministry are Systematic Apologetics training course for the pastors at Donetsk Christian University on June 5-17 and the Creation Evangelism Children Camp on June 20-29.

Please pray for all the projects mentioned above. Pray also for my family and for our team. You are in our prayers as well. 

April 2006

With the help of the Lord and of your care and prayers, I have completed the last course I was lacking of at my TCM Institute program successfully. Now I will be able to talk with the Darwinists on the same page having MA in ministry, the same degree Darwin had (not counting my degrees in natural sciences he did not have) 🙂 Now we are going there together with Olga for the graduation in May.

Another great news of the month is the Lectorium on Science and the Bible at Kiev ‘Planetarium’, the most well-known facility of ‘Znaneye’ (‘the knowledge’) State Enlightenment Society (former greatest agent for communist/evolutionist ideological brainwashing) got started!

Before the first seminar of the Lectorium a press-conference was made, where leading scientists of Science and Apologetics Society declared their position on the need of deliberation of school curriculums from the naturalism/evolutionism ideology and equal access of the student to various approach of the scientific facts cosmological interpretation, including Scientific Creationism and Intelligent Design. Practically all national newspapers gave information about it.

However some newspapers recited ideas from Soviet Encyclopedia on anti-scientific nature of creationism, the names and scientific credentials of the Lectorium / press-conference speakers made this statements fall flat. Among them – academicians, professors and doctors; experts in Microbiology, Paleontology, Ecology; Cybernetics, Nuclear Physics, Medicine; heads of research institutes, laboratories and groups. I would consider having a vision-driven cohort like this as one of the greatest achievement of our Center 15 years ministry!

Both press-conference and the Lectorium is a precedent of great importance that encourages Christians in other regions of former Soviet Union to boldly confront monopoly of naturalism/evolutionism ideology in education, social and political life. We have arranged a video recording of the Lectorium workshops and will send the records to the regions for the better impact of it for the Kingdom spread. Please pray for the wisdom and guidance from the Lord in this great opportunity He has provided us.

We highly appreciate the prayers about our video production team. The studio relocation went fine and the team is back to the projects with a great joy now. Our ambitious plans are following (may God help us!):May 10 – Walking thru the Past video on Paleontology complete
May 15 – Family and the Bible conference seminars DVD version complete
May 20 – The Lesson video shooting complete
May 26 – Science and the Bible distant learning MM course complete
August 1 – The Lesson sound recording and cut complete

As for now, the multimedia version of the distance learning course ‘Systematical Apologetics’ is completed already. The course version is a multi (4) windows flash presentation. The student can see the instructor speaking in one window, the correspondent PowerPoint presentation in another one, the lesson outline in the third one, and the references in the last one. It came out really great!

Additionally to the distant learning courses (Systematic Apologetics; Science and the Bible) that are going to be distributed on DVD-ROMs alongside with Christian Apologetics Electronic Library, we have completed the on-line test taking program. After a student has studied lectures and completed the assignments, he/she gets the on-line address and disposable password, gets to the web page and has 45 min there to take a final test. Both we and the student are getting automatic e-mail report on the results.

One more book translation project is done and about to go to the press – ‘Transforming Leadership’ by Leighton Ford. The book has nothing to do with the Apologetics directly, but it is greatly needed for the Body of believers’ development in our part of the world impacted by totalitarism. The book teaches to follow Christ as a greatest model for a leader. Unlike many books on the issue, Transforming Leadership do not provide ‘what to do’ recommendations (relevant in particular culture only), but makes an analysis of Jesus’ leadership principles, introducing the readers with the idea of a perfect leader model, according to which personal qualities of a Christian leader should be developed and examined. The book analyzes various aspects of the leadership ministry of Jesus as the One, Who has fulfilled the supreme will (The Son), as the strategist, the seeker, the seer, the strong one, the servant, the Shepherd-maker, the spokesperson, the struggler, and the sustainer. The greatest lesson we can learn in the book from the work of Jesus as a leader is that the leader deals not with such abstract notions as roles and functions, but with specific people, the love to whom should be leader’s main passion and motivation. It is a great reminder that only the one, who is the true Christ’s follower, is the true Christian leader. This is extremely important for the post-communist society impacted by totalitarian leadership models mostly.

Another translation project close to its ending is ‘Seven C’s of History. Helping children defend their faith’ curriculum. It gives the general overview of the history of the world according to the Bible with its main points (“C’s”) – creation, corruption, catastrophe, confusion, Christ, cross, consummation. The curriculum is going to be tested at children’s camp we plan in June, and offered to other churches and ministries after the approbation.

There are good news and bad news from Andrey, our coordinator at Uzbekistan. The bad one is that the legal responsibility for the unauthorized meetings (classes, evangelism, worship, etc.) is increased considerably. It endangers the fee $400-800 (an average person annual income) at first encounter and an imprisonment with the criminal charge at the next one. However, on the other hand, Andrey has got the license as a teacher for doing the lessons at any public schools, and leads our Science and the Bible seminars right during the classes! (see the pictures attached) Please pray for him, his family and his team safety, guidance and wisdom.

Please pray for all the projects mentioned above.

March 2006

Not much time passed since I sent my previous report on return from Russia, however God is working powerfully. His mercy and compassion are new every morning, great is His faithfulness.

The most exciting adventure of the month was visiting various places at the Black Sea shore searching for the venues that would fit the best the vision and the purpose of the upcoming Academic Symposium (May), Creation Evangelism Camp (June) and Eurasian Apologetics Summit (October). We found what we think would be best and have an agreement with the places administration now. It allows us to plan the details for the event more specifically. Please pray for those events proper preparation – both technical and spiritual.

But even more exciting is great news I would like to share – it seems that a wide door for Creation Evangelism opens! ‘Znaneye’ (‘the knowledge’) State Enlightenment Society, former greatest agent for communist / evolutionist ideological brainwashing has agreed to allow us to rent their most well-known facility – a ‘Planetarium’ conference center Kiev (the capital city of Ukraine) downtown for the weekly workshops on Science and the Bible twice a week in April – May! We are still working on the details, but it looks like a great opportunity to attack materialistic ideology right at its main stronghold! Many members of our Science and Apologetics Society agreed to participate and lead those workshops. Please pray for the wisdom and guidance from the Lord in this opportunity.

Thank you very much for your prayers about our video production team – it is great support, comfort and encouragement for us. We were able to move all our production equipment to a new place almost without losses, and going on with all projects again. We hope to catch up with our prospected schedule by the end of May.

The Lord keeps strengthening us providing the evidences on how the spread of the ministry keeps bringing the fruits. Here is a joyful letter I have received:

“Dear friends! I would like to express my appreciation to all of your co-workers in your ministry to the Lord! It is such a pleasure for me to read the materials you are sending. I often share them with my friends, and tell a lot of things I learn from there to believers I know. I really like the way the information is selected and arranged. You are so good in presenting the exact material needed to attract a reader’s attention. Your materials are so helpful in convincing unbelievers and strengthen believers in faith! I have been blessed with a wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord sharing the Word of God with students and school teachers. A month ago we have decided to plant a new church. Please pray for us, because we are just in the process of discussing the strategy for it. We feel so much responsibility before God, and we really need your support by prayer. May the Lord bless you and your ministry!” Tatiana Gontovaya, Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine).

The feedback like this is a greatest encouragement to us!

I am leaving to Austria Sunday for TMI Institute to take a course on Old Testament. This is the last course I need to take after eight years of studies there to get a degree like Charles Darwin had – MA in Christian ministry 🙂 Please pray for my travel, for studies, for our team works very well now even when I am not with them.

Please pray for all the projects mentioned above. Pray also for my family and for our team.

February 2006

The major achievement of the month was completing of a great technical adventure of transferring all our videos from VHS to DVDs. The discs are much easier to duplicate, to mail and to store. Now the videos are available to the evangelists, pastors and preachers much easier and in a descent form. It is hard to imagine, but total of what we have made is 50 videos on 16 DVD-ROMs! Isn’t it amazing how great is a work of our God?!

As for strategic development, I have a very good and productive meeting with Igor Kurlyanov, a missionary at North China and Russian Far East. He was my student at Donetsk Christian University eight years ago, and back then he was dreaming already about the missionary work in China. Now his dream came true. He lives with his family at Blagoveschensk (Russia) right at the China border and doing the ministry in both countries. But the things he have studied on the Creation Evangelism at my classes a while ago as well as his current ministry experience make him concern about the desperate need of apologetics for effective Christian persuasion. That is why he desires to serve as our coordinator at Russian Far East and North China. Praise the Lord for sending the workers for His harvest and the opportunities He makes thru His faithful servants!

Another development of the month is making the textual resources we produced earlier more available! We have issued a new CD-ROM ‘Apologetics Electronic Library’ that includes many books on Apologetics and Creation Evangelism, PowerPoint presentations, video files and a complete copy of our web site. We have sent a copy of the CD to every Christian college, university and seminary of former Soviet Union for making all these materials available to the students at those schools local servers.

Also we got very interesting contact with the organization that arranges the conferences for 1000 Ukrainian pastors in Kiev and 600 in Kharkov. We have decided immediately to publish 2000 copies of the revised and updated version of ‘Biblical Strategy of Evangelism’ with the information about our ministry and upcoming Summit on apologetics at the back to give a copy to everyone who will attend those conferences. Please pray for more ministers will see the need for the apologetics in general and for Creation Evangelism in particular thru these materials we are going to give them.

We have a sad news and prayer concern as well. A manager of our video production department Mikhail Bankovsky found out that his father is seriously sick, and Mikhail had to move back to his parent’s home. It is at Mikhail’s apartment all our video production equipment was set up. Now it had to be reassembled, transported and installed again at new place. That has delayed our video production projects considerably. Please pray for the physical, emotional and spiritual strength of Mikhail’s family (all of them are reconciled with the Lord, and this is a great comfort!) as well as for the Lord’s guidance in catching up with the delayed projects.

The last (chronologically) event of the month was my departure to teach at Kursk (Russia) for two weeks. I love to teach! It is so great to see ‘Aha!’ in students eyes when they start to realize how important to go and challenge the worldview of secular people instead of just recruiting and indoctrinating them without proper change of the mindset called ‘conversion’. Please join my prayers for the seeds planted will bring a proper harvest in God’s time.

The students were young people mostly, but there are some middle age ones as well. Two of them were former criminals who served more then one sentence, but now they came to the Lord and ministry to the prisoners themselves. Another was a Gipsy missionary to his own people. Beyond the classes I also was preaching ate the churches, met with Christian youth groups and secular schools students. Also I had more time for doing the assignments on my doctorate studies than I have at home usually where much more things are at the plate.

The school administration is extremely excited to find out about the distant learning courses we develop now and they will be glad to coordinate their usage in Russia. It increased our outreach opportunities considerably.

Please pray for all the projects mentioned above. Pray also for my family and for our team. You are in our prayers as well.

January 2006

It was a month of the challenges, adventures and rejoicing!

Uncommonly cold weather (we had about 0 F instead of 30-35 common for this period) was reinforced with the cold breath of the ‘big brother’. I do not know how much it is reflected in Western news, but Russia had undertook an attempt of neocolonial control over Ukraine as a monopoly natural gas supplier. Gas delivery system had to be reformed instantly, and we had extremely low gas (the major source of the buildings heating) pressure in the pipes, and even did not have it for half a day at all with the temperature about 0 F outside. The heating system of many houses and offices was destroyed by freezing. However our team had a good care of the equipment. The God’s care and brothers’ support had helped us as well – at the most critical moment we were able to purchase enough electrical heaters for our offices and rooms and prevent the disaster.

Another adventure of the month was a spontaneous video production to meet the immediate outreach opportunity. The TV version of the great religious mystical novel ‘Master and Margaret’ by brilliant Ukrainian XX century writer Mikhail Boulgakov had being broadcasted all over Russian-speaking world and raised a great interest to the novel itself.

The novel tells about Satan visiting Moscow in Stalin’s times to spread the alternative Leo Tolstoy style ‘gospel’ about just a good guy Jesus, a teacher of non-resistance morality. In the times when nothing but evil was around, the writer gave in artistic manner the ‘from Satan’ argument for God’s existence (‘the 7th proof’ as he coded it in the text, hinting on 5 arguments by St. Thomas and the moral one by Kant): if one agrees that evil exists – the author makes the reader to think, – there should be a the Good; if lie is real, there should be the Truth, if Satan is real (and from his work in Stalin’s Russia we can see he is), there should be God.

However the movie director, being an atheist, did not recognized the religious meaning hided deeply in the novel, seeing nothing but anti-communist satire (which it is very much) there only. We have used the immediate opportunity of how popular the movie is and have produced the video ‘Lie and Truth in Master and Margaret’ spreading the Gospel message and equipping the believers for effective evangelism among people who are impressed by the fiction story and the movie.

We have made the ‘Lie and Truth’ DVD pre-release order available at our web site. Just imagine – we got the first request for it from a Christian School just in couple minutes after the information was posted! It happened to be extremely in demand!

We also have changed our TV broadcast schedule to put the ‘Lie and Truth’ on air in two parts in January while the issue is hot. Guess what – we had to change it again, so many requests came up to repeat Part 1 again before broadcasting Part 2 – people want their friends to watch it as well. Skeptics are doing our job inviting skeptics to watch gospel program! Isn’t the work of our Lord amazing?

Strategically important event of the month was one-day follow-up team retreat on the team work development. We have planned to do one more in a month as well.

Right after the entire team retreat we had to do our video production team evaluation and planning conference. The main concern we had is that the planned projects are taking too long time. We do the broadcast in time always; we produce spontaneous works like, for instance, the one on Master and Margaret, or Gospel in Blues, etc. But major projects stagnate. It is extremely painful and especially vital for the projects that require continuity like distant training courses or Urok (Tough Choices) video.

We have decided to reform the video department technical and personnel structure. We are about to get another workstation that will give us an opportunity to split broadcast, current projects and pioneer projects into three separate tracks not overlapping on the computers to increase our productivity. We have decided to take Alisa Bankovsky as a full time worker (she was a volunteer by now, and we always prefer to take former volunteers to the staff – it brings together volunteer’s passion and employee’s responsibility) to be in charge of the computer works and oversee the technical projects (like distant learning courses for instance). Misha Klimov (another full-time worker) will be in charge of pioneer projects, Misha Bankovsky (still the volunteer) – of the broadcast and general leadership of the video production.

We have decided to set following target dates for the projects we are in currently:

  • February 25 – ‘Walking thru the Past’ to be completed
  • March 1 – ‘Urok’ shootage to be completed

Alisa starts with the distant training courses as a priority project for her and will come up with the target date for it later on. She takes flash design work from Yuri and frees him this way for the web-site interactive features developing. Please pray for all these projects and for the team work development.

You can see our web-site getting alive again with the apologetics/creationism news (in Russian) updating both in HTML and RSS formats as soon as we e-mail them out.

The feedback from the people we serve is always a great encouragement for us. Here is a couple letters we have received recently:

“I have studied Natural Science at the university. Even though now I am working as a production worker now, scientific materials in geography, physics and biology are still very interesting for me. I am 32. I have been a Christian for 11 years. I am a member of a Baptist church. I am so glad to know that there are scientists who believe in God! They live in my country! It is wonderful that they submit all possible scientific data with the greatest sources of information – the Bible. May the Lord bless you on His field, and help you be His witnesses” Igor Voloshkov, Nizy, Ukraine.

“I am a Sunday school teacher. I really like your materials. I believe they are very useful and valuable for us and for the generation that will come after us because they help to reveal the truth of the Scripture” Irina Zgonnikova, Evpatoria, Ukraine

There is another exciting news – the creation evangelism seminars for the nationals in Uzbekistan got started! Here is the message from our coordinator there Andrey Gorkovenko:

“It has happened! I have delivered the presentation on the dinosaurs to the Uzbek-speaking group with the Uzbek translation (if I am not mistaking, this happened for the first time in Uzbekistan). The responses are just great! People were even surprised that all that materials could be available in Uzbek so fast. One guy even confessed that he did not believe that dinosaurs ever existed (what he knew about dinosaurs from the school did not fit his biblical beliefs – SG). I am so excited, and so thankful to the Lord! The next stage is to go on with this and other presentations around various cities, and, eventually, – in schools and universities.” Andrei Gorkovenko, Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

Praised be the Lord!

Our publishing ministry keeps going slowly but steady. The ‘Case for Creator’ book should be printed next week, ‘Refuting Evolution 2’ translation is delayed till March probably – we do not want to loose the quality of the work.

Creation Evangelism children camp planning is at the team forming shape, Eurasian Apologetics Summit is in the program shaping and the participants enrollment currently. Please pray for these two pioneer projects especially.

Please pray for all the projects mentioned above. Pray also for my family and for our team. You are in our prayers as well.