August 2008

The most strategically important event of the month was a conference of the leaders of the Christian students at secular colleges and universities movements of former Soviet countries Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, and Ukraine was a great blessing for us! A lot of prayers, discussions, brainstorming, feedback, and fellowship was going on (see the pictures attached). We were discussing many aspects of the general principles for the Biblical ways to spread the Good News, as well their particular applications in various cultural and social contexts; the challenges, opportunities, and advantages of evangelism in post-communism post-perestroika situation. The workshops with young people passionate about the spreading of the truth of the Bible in their countries were both adventures and challenges for every one of us. As one young athlete told me afterward, “the workshop on the evangelism strategy was less boring than the ball game!”

At the same time, our publishing ministry has passed a very joyful milestone – a hundredth publication! We have published six titles of apologetics booklets (32 pages stapled softcover pocket size) to use at the youth conferences mostly. The titles are:

Does God Exist?
What is the Bible?
“Natural” Evidence for the Existence of God
When Ice Age Was?
Where did Races Come From?
What happened to Dinosaurs?

Thus, our ministry publishing record has overpassed the 100 publications mark now, and that is something to celebrate for the glory of God!

Many of the booklets were used immediately at the Christian Youth Forum at OdessaMore than 2500 young persons from 15 former SU courtiers were staying at the venue, and even more, attended who were local or stayed elsewhere. We did not have any speaking appointments there, however, our goal was to find boys and girls who do care about proclaiming the full truth of the Bible and could be involved in our network eventually. We had a display with our materials there and were talking and giving booklets and contact information to everyone who show up there and demonstrated any level of interest. A lot of seeds were planted. Please join our prayers for God’s work in the hearts of young believers to call them as the workers at His harvest field.