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Dear Brethren,

I prayerfully ask for your prayers and help on the next great step and strategic move of our ministry – developing a self-supporting Multi-Purpose Resource Center. 

The vision. A couple years ago we came up with the vision for MPRS as a hotel, motel, conference center and camping area complex where we can host various conferences, training courses, worship and family festivals, Bible, church and family retreats, etc. Our ministry is doing those events every year renting venues for them. If having a place of our own by the seaside, we would be able to make money instead of paying rent by using the facilities as a drug/violence-free resort area during the high season, rising funds for self-support of the Center.

The experience. “Landing parties” approach has expanded the impact that our ministry makes enormously. In the last twelve months only we have covered more then 46 thousands miles (74 thousands kilometers) by vehicles (not counting flights and train rides) providing training for pastors and lay leaders in various regions of the former Soviet Union. Our opportunity to travel is reaching the limit. We have to change an extensive approach with the intensive one — bringing leaders together for training them to train believers in their regions according to the 2 Timothy 2:2 model. On the other hand the Lord has provided the first step toward that approach as well as the opportunity to test the approach through the work of the Small Group Retreat House (SGRH). Two years of its operation helped us to understand the ways of using such facilities better as well as proved our ideas of making them self-supporting: giving SGRH for rent for one month only in a high season covers a year expenses of maintaining the facility!

The opportunity. Considering the experience we got as well as the ideas we discussed during these couple years, we got much more clear vision (even drawings!) what kind of the facilities we need. It should be on a much smaller (i.e. cheaper and easier to maintain) peace of the land with one multi-purpose building that, depending on a specific event’s need, can be used accordingly. And now we got an offer of a land slot exactly in the area we considered for MPRC, of exact size and shape we envisioned, very well located (see http://goo.gl/maps/gVxq5) and with a pretty reasonable price. We are pretty sure: that it is the opportunity we were looking for! After discussing the issue it with our ministry administration team and the board approval we have signed a contract on the land purchase.

1 - Retreat House "Philadelphia"
2 - Main Conference Hall
3 - Apartments
4 - Guest Rooms
5 - Household Rooms
6 - Terrace
7 - Conference Room
8 - Office
9 - Garage / Warehouse
10 - Security house
11 - Summer Kitchen
12 - Parking

The multi-purpose facilities of the Center will include:
- Big groups (up to 24 persons) retreat house
- Conference hall
- Guest speakers apartments
- Motel rooms
- Garages
- Storages
- Parking space

Status. The first part of the complex, a retreat house, is . Completed - see the pictures.


Events and activities
Events and activities
Events and activities

Kitchen and hall
Kitchen and hall
Kitchen and hall

The rest of the multi-purpose facilities is 80% completed. We made the most expensive part of it - the concrete solid construction and outer walls as well as built the protective wall around it and a house for a guard

So far the first building, the retreat house, is operating according to the situation, while the rest of the construction project is "put on hold" till legal and political situation stabilizes.

The praise. We praise the Lord, Who has faithfully led and guided our ministry to this point as well as thank Him for great joy and privilege to partner with you in that great adventure of serving Him together!

Yours by His grace



 How to contribute. Donations for the Multipurpose Resource Center may be sent to our partner ministry, Teaching Ministries International. TMI is a 501(c)3 organization which quarterly issues tax deductible receipts. Please email Sergei Golovin at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details. We highly appreciate your care.


Project Summary

Project: Self-Supporting Multipurpose Resource Center
Region: Eastern Europe, Northern Asia
Countries: Former Soviet Union (Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, etc.); North China
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Uzbek, Chinese, etc.
Project Completion: 70%
Project Type: facility
Summary: The Multipurpose Resource Center is planned to be built as retreat house, conference center and guest rooms complex. It is to be by the seaside so during the high season it would be a drug/violence-free resort area, rising funds for self-support of the Center. The rest of the time it is going to host various training courses and workshops, academic symposiums, Christian conferences, worship and family festivals, Bible, church and family retreats, children and youth camps.
Context: For 20 years of holding year round conferences, training courses, retreats, camps, etc. Christian Center for Science and Apologetics spends dozens thousands dollars a year on renting places to host the events. Having a place of our own to host the events we, instead of spending for renting the facilities from the third parties every time, would be making money and invest into the ministry.
Impact: The constant growth of the 4000 miles and 9 time zones wide network of self-supporting local national ministries, developed by Christian Center for Science and Apologetics (CCSA) across the former Soviet Union countries (mostly in Armenia, Byelorussia, Georgia, Kasakstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan), requires intensive training and equipping of young devoted leaders who can not afford to leave the field for extended period of training without harm to their ministries. On the one hand we are reaching the limit of the extensive visiting training courses we able to do. On the other hand the shift back to totalitarian political systems in many post-communist countries (like Russia, Byelorussia and Uzbekistan) not just limits the opportunities for our visits there, but make them a danger for the national ministries being exposed to the authorities. MPRC is going to be a place where young leaders from all former Soviet Union could be coming for a short time of intensive training and equipping and going back to teach, train and equip Christians of their regions for effective Biblical evangelism in their local context.

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