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In 2019

Korosten missions course 1
Korosten missions course 2
Korosten missions course 3

 The nearer the summer, the hotter it gets, and not only in terms of temperature, but also in the sense of preparing for the upcoming summer activities – camps, missions, church planting, leadership seminars, etc. That is why May and June are the “hottest” months considering the number of training sessions we provide at various venues to equipthe Lord’s people for effective ministry.

 It was a special joy for us to offer training on cross-cultural evangelism for a group of young missionaries at the city of Korosten (see the pictures attached). These devoted warriors of Jesus will soon be going on various missions within the country and beyond. Please keep them in your prayers. May the Lord be praised through their work, may He guide and protect them, and may His Kingdom grow!

Talbot School of Theology 3
Talbot School of Theology 2
Talbot School of Theology 1

 The Joint School of Christian Apologetics has proven very effective in training and equipping the servants of the Kingdom. It fills the gaps various schools may have in their curricula by offering the courses and seminars on some practical issues of the ministry in our cultural context. This month we were able to provide a course on the Bible and Logic at the Slavic Evangelical Seminary and a seminar on the Creation Science at the Talbot School of Theology, Kyiv Extension (see the pictures attached).

Slavic Evangelical Seminary
Slavic Evangelical Seminary
Slavic Evangelical Seminary
The approach used by JSCA opens up more opportunities for the students and broadens partnership between the schools. May the Lord be praised!

 In May we had the last sessions of the 3-month long project by the Christian Worldview School for the young missionaries from Poland, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine (see the picture attached). The final course focused on the issues of cross-cultural evangelism. Now the students are going back their mission fields. Please keep them in your prayers!

Christian Worldview School 1
Christian Worldview School 2
The final planning of teaching the Biblical Principles for Church Leadership was followed by a course on the topic offered in a retreat setting (see the pictures attached).It is crucial to be able to identify what aspect of our church life is based on the Bible and what is just matter of tradition, especially if those traditions emerged during the rule of communism to isolate the church from the world, preventing it from being the light and the salt. A video version of the seminar is already available online;
Leadership course planning
Leadership course
the book to supplement it has gone to the publisher. Please join our prayers for the church and its leaders to renew their role in accordance with the apostolic model in a way that is relevant for our post-communist society.
Creation Evangelism Conference

The last but not the least part of our life has recently been taken up with the organization of the Creation Evangelism Conference where we were responsible for the logistics, media, translation and the book table (see the picture attached). Videos of the conference seminars are already available online. We believe they will help many to deepen their roots in the solid biblical ground of the Kingdom message. May the Lord be praised!

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