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In 2017
Physics of God's Creation
Awarding with the book

The month of August was a joyful time of completion of not only this summer’s projects, but also of the one of the greatest resources we have ever produced – the “Physics of God's Creation” textbook by Andrey Goryainov, our faithful coworker for more than 25 years (please see the picture attached). This is the very first national (i.e. not translated from a foreign language/culture) Christian textbook on science in the former Soviet Union! The main principle of its writing was maximum clarity and minimum formulas. The work on the book had lasted for seven years. Individual sections were published as separate brochures as they were prepared, and then sent for approbation and review to teachers (including secular ones), parents and church ministers. Based on those reviews, the changes were made to make the book as simple as possible without compromising proper presentation of the physical principles of the universe. The church I was preaching at last Sunday had a new school year celebration, and the kids who performed best during the summer programs were awarded… with our book! (please see the picture attached). This is a great sign of how much the book is appreciated! Praised be the Lord! Please pray for the great contribution the book can make into shaping the solid Bible-based worldview of the post-communist society’s next generations!

Media Training 1
Media Training 2
Media Training 3

A very special event of the month was the training course on studio work for media production in the Crimea (please see the pictures attached). The limitations the brethren face under the regime do not allow doing much of Christian video shooting on the streets. Still, the freedom of the outreach the Internet provides should be used for the sake of the Kingdom. We should fill the network with sound Bible-based content! Please pray with us for the course outcome!

As usual, preaching twice at the New Life church at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy campus was a special blessing (please see the pictures attached). The Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, established in 1615, is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe.  It kept spreading the light of God’s Word for 300 years till the Bolsheviks turned it into a bastion of communist propaganda. Today it is the biggest and most prestigious national university, and it is a great honor to be a part of God’s Word spreading out of there again! Praised be His name!

Preaching at National Academy 1
Preaching at National Academy 2

Please continue to pray for the “Foundation of Cross-cultural Evangelism” national training course we are working on and the media resources we are developing for it. God uses Ukraine as a hub for evangelism and Christian education in post-communist world. More and more workers of the Lord are going on missions to other countries as well as to other ethnic groups within their own states. These resources will be specifically designed for the national audience to explain different issues (theological, culturological and linguistic grounding, culture conflict, culture shock, biblical strategies and models of cross-cultural communication) within the our part of the world context. May the name of the Lord be praised through it!

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