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In 2017

Team fellowship
Stas in US

The change of focus in my personal involvement due to medical issues with teaching and traveling has made me even more appreciative of a great community of co-workers, partners, volunteers, and prayer warriors– all of whom are involved in our ministry through teaching, preaching, content production, children’s ministry, publishing, writing, and social networks, the development of Internet resources, and all other aspects ofwhat our ministry exists for– introducing the Truth to sceptics, and strengthening the saints in their confidence in the Truth, equipping God's people to proclaim God's word effectively. What a great family we are!(see pictures attached) May the Lord be praised!

We use various Internet sites, platforms and social networks to spread the message and usually it is hard to estimate how far it reaches. Our geographic target area is the former Soviet Union countries. However, after finalizing the upload of all resources onto our main content site (from where people can download them) with a new content management engine we have set up a statistical analysis of what countries people are coming to watch and download resources from. The result has amazed us! During the month we had visitors from 40 countries. Some of them are pretty surprising, like, say, Saudi Arabia or Mongolia. May the Lord be praised!

New resources development

Reduced traveling time provides more time again for reading and writing. After a successful experience of the Reliable Foundations online club combination with social media, book publishing and training course development on Biblical Foundations for Anthropology we are going to develop in the same way a new resource – a book and a training seminar “Does God Exist?”, an overview of various evidences and arguments for the existence of God. Tons of atheistic propaganda were published in the Soviet Union. Many people are still indoctrinated by false arguments from these books and have never had a chance to compare them with actual facts and evidence. The goal of this book and seminar is to equip the body of believers for demolishing the strongholds of atheistic worldview in the post-communist part of the world. Please pray with us for this project!

Interaction with our former students is a great blessing as well. For the last couple years we have prefered to give them not just reading/writing assignments, but practical ones. They have to share with others what they have learnt and write a report evaluating their plans and expectations, comparing them with the outcome. What a joy to receive messages like this one: “Thank you so much! Without your assignment I would not have dared to start doing this!” May the Lord be praised! Please pray with us for the ripple effect of the Kingdom the Lord made us apart of by His grace!

Science presentation at public school
Books ministry
Children programs on Science development
Music videos production

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