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In 2017

Fellowship with students and the faculty

An instant feedback and revision opportunity provided by approaches combining an online apologetics club, training course development and book writing brings amazing fruits! Though the course on Biblical Foundations for Anthropology was supposed to be presented for the Joint School of Christian Apologetics at first in the fall, the Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary, when found that the course is ready, has changed its schedule and asked us to teach it there already, so the students, who are leaving the school this year, can have it. Praised be the Lord!

 As usual the time at UES was a blessed period of teaching, preaching, fellowship with students and the faculty (see the pictures attached).

The most exciting event is a so called “Round table” evening, where students arefree to ask any questionson faith, personal experience, life issues, etc. All the time at the campus was a great opportunity for mutual encouragement and growing in Jesus together! Please pray for these workers of Christfrom Ukraine, Moldova, Russia and Belarus who are going to spread the message in their regions through their ministries!

Round table

The seminary administration (I hope students as well) enjoyed the course very much. They asked for it to be taught again in a monthfor the sake of the alumni who will be able to come and take it.Please pray with us for that upcoming event in March!

Armenian Flood cover

We have received exciting news from the country of Armenia: the book “Global Flood Armenian Flood - myth, legend or history?”Armenian translation (see the picture attached) has gone to press! That was one of very first books we ever published back in 1994. It was reprinted several times both in Ukraine and in Russia (in Moscow and in Novosibirsk). And now our Armenian brethren have made a version of it in their own language. May the Lord use it powerfully for the truth of His word and the glory and spreading of His kingdom!

Meanwhile we have started preparations for the Creation Science / Apologetics conference upcoming in October after two years break.Please join our prayers for this event – may it be for the glory of the Lord! Please do not hesitate to share this information with anyone who may be interested.

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