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January 2017

In 2017

Thank you very much for your prayers! I am continuing to recover from the four operations, allowing active involvement in teaching and training again. Teaching a Master’s level course for three groups of distance learning students, -church leaders from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, - was a great joy as we explored together the role of Apologetics in the biblical strategy of evangelism, the importance of Creation Evangelism, the historical veracity of the Scripture starting from its very beginning to the key point of Jesus’ Resurrection, and many other related questions (see the pictures attached). As a course assignment the students must go back to where they live and minister and share what they have learned. Please pray with us for these workers of the Lord!

Dimitriy Grishchuk

As I wrote previously,teaching, equipping and coordinatingis becoming a priority in my personal schedule planning. It was a special blessing for me to meet Dimitry Grischuk (see the picture attached), an IDP from Donetsk (war zone at Eastern Ukraine) who now runs Let's Love ministry helping people to overcome the consequences of war. His introductory phrase made me praise the Lord! He said: "I have known you ever since I was a schoolboy – I had subscribed to the Christian Center for Science and Apologetics resources and they helped to shape my worldview". What a great encouragement! Now we are developing plans for partnership. Isn't it amazing? May the Lord be praised!

After a two months’ break we are continuing with the Reliable Foundations online Apologetics club. It is amazing to see how some projects lead to unexpected outcomes. For instance, theonline club is impacting our publishing work. Books are, probably, the most conservative media. Once a book print run is published you cannot make any changes or revisions to it unlessa  new edition is eventually required. Any questions readers may ask or clarifications they need cannot be addressed in a book till then. However all the books that we wrote and published following the Reliable Foundations club season consider questions and discussions that arose during that season! So, any new book is a “revised edition” already in some sense. Please pray with usfor the effective use of these books both for challenging sceptics and for equipping God's people to proclaim His truth effectively! 

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