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10 May 2016 By In 2016
Central Asian School of Apologetics

The Lord has provided an opportunity to have a fruitful and safe trip to Uzbekistan to meet the Central Asia Apologetics Society coordinator and provide training at Central Asian School of Apologetics. Our journey was very successful and without a

Central Asian School of Apologetics

ny troubles like we had during the one a few years ago. We led seminars at the registered by government (i.e. legal) church facilities on Genesis foundations for life and marriage (see the pictures attached) and spent an exciting time with key people of the Central Asian Apologetics Society and the School of Apologetics discussing strategy and opportunities for training and developing national church leaders who will be able to train others according to the 2 Timothy 2:2 approach. I hesitate to share pictures with people’s faces for the security reason, but that was great! The people of this country need the truth desperately. Workers are few, but they have great enthusiasm for the ministry. We went to encourage them, but received even greater encouragementourselves.


Due to the security requirements no notes were taken, no resources distributed, but everything was provided at the secure cloud spaces online as videos, audios, e-books, notes and outlines. Praise the Lord for technology! How higher was the risk in previous years in a country where one can be sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment for having a few Christian books and more then one copy of the Bible at home! Please pray with us for the seeds planted during this trip!

Roadside View

I also can't resist a desire to share a couple of pictures of beautiful places we were able to see during the trip. Registan is a great monument to the Golden Age of culture and education in the country which has minimal freedom nowadays. On the another hand Tamerlane's burial place shows what fancy tombs all bloodthirsty tyrants get this side of eternity, while ultimate justice is unavoidable afterwards. But the tomb of our King is empty! How great is His grace of making us partakers of His message, His Kingdom and His glory!

Tamerlane's burial place
tamerlane tomb tamerlane tomb1 tamerlane tomb2

Coming back to Ukraine was joyful as well. We were greatly thankful to the Lord for providing us with a home congregationwhere His truth and love is proclaimed. The church named Dobraya Pristan' (Fair Haven / Good Harbour) has accepted us as a part of the family and even made me a preaching elder of it (see a picture attached). Praise the Lord!

Fair Haven / Good Harbour
fair haven church

Great joy was the occasion of the Creation Evangelism and Worldview Genesis Foundations conference at Sumy (pronounced Soomeh) - a North-East corner of the country, a couple of dozen miles from the Russian border. By the Lord's mercy there is peace is in the region. However two years of threats of invasion has been a great antidote against apathy and have caused many to ask deep questions about the meaning of life.

 Training God's people to be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks a reason of the hope is urgent in all variety of church subcultures we cooperate with (see the pictures attached). Training those who will train others is strategically important. Please pray for the seeds planted in this region. We visited it for the first time, but met many people there who were giving thanks for useful resources we provided online and in print - they use it and even we were unaware of this.. May the Lord be praised!

Displaced persons

Travelling across the country, we use every opportunity to encourage and be encouraged through visiting our friends and partners originally from Crimea and the Donbas but now living as displaced persons. (see a picture attached). May the Lord bless all of them abundantly and make them even more fruitful in new places!

Please keep praying for our ministry, for our team, for our families, for God’s guidance and protection in everything we do. You are in our prayers as well.


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