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10 July 2016 By In 2016

Weather reports say that this July was the hottest month in the history of Ukraine (as far as they know) - close to 100 F all the time. It was a hot month for our ministry as well, preparing for several training courses that we are going to have in August both on the mainland and in Crimea. The laws in Crimea are becoming more and more strict against evangelism, and we have to plan very carefully. Please pray for our safety there.

"The Bible and Civil Society"
civil course1 civil course2

A very blessed time was had during a week of teaching "The Bible and Civil Society" course for pastors and ministry leaders from various parts of Ukraine (see the pictures attached). The issue still provides a wide open window to tell people about God's way to live in a secular world while impacting it for the sake of the Kingdom. Please pray with us for the message: multiplication through that a great number of God's servants!

Meanwhile we are devoting most of our time to the development of resources on other issues that are much in demand - foundations for aBiblical anthropology. People in our part of the world (even Christians!) share a crazy mix of ideas from Darwinism, humanism, occultism and New Age! Presentations, books, training courses and seminars we are working on should provide solid biblical foundations for everything related to the origin, nature and destiny of mankind. Please pray for our fruitfulness in this regard.

"The Bible and Civil Society"
olbia1 olbia2 olbia3

Finally, Olga and I had an amazing short vacation. Our daughter Dasha was sent by her university on a short term Archaeological internship to the ancient Greek colony of Olbia - the one visited and described by Herodotus centuries ago and now located at Southern Ukraine. For a while it was our dream to visit it, but it was always far off the beaten track. This time we decided to use an opportunity and, considering our experience in arranging camps and expeditions, volunteered to help with setting up the camping. That was a great opportunity to witness to students and teachers about the servant nature of life with Christ. On the other hand we got a pass to enter the site (the part of it that is not submerged) with the vehicle and had some fun exploring the area. Doesn't it look very much like Troy on the shore of Dardanelles? (see the picture attached)


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