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In 2016
Meeting with the president and academic dean of the Poltava Theological Seminary

Please do not be misled by my usual presence in the pictures from our reports. I am just a voice of the ministry. All I share is a corporate fruit of a wonderfulgroup of workers and volunteers, who develop resources, produce media, provide technical support, monitor social networks, provide various kinds of help and services. Please join my prayers and praises for the great team of like-minded kindred spirited coworkers and followers the Lord bless us abundantly with. Also our work is the joyful fruit of the fraternal care, faithful prayers, sacrificial support and ongoing encouragement you provide us with constantly! We praise the Lord for that great joy and privilege!

Meeting with Mission Eurasia, our good partners for many years
eurasia eurasia2

September is the first month of the academic year in our part of the world. The development of biblical foundations for both Christian and secular education is among our strategic priorities. We had a very fruitful meeting with the president and academic dean of the Poltava Theological Seminary (see picture attached) on starting a special program for training apologetics ministry leaders for local churches.

The strategic aspects of apologetics ministries development was a major focus of our evaluation and planning meeting with Mission Eurasia, our good partners for many years (see pictures attached). The apologetics ministry of local churches is also going to be a major focus of the Apologetics section we are going to lead at the East-European Leadership forum in November. Please pray with us for the birth of an biblical apologetics ministry in every congregation!

At the Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary
ues1 ues2

The academic year beginning celebration and graduates commencement at the Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary was a special blessingfor us (see pictures attached). I highly appreciate the consideration of the actual needs of the church as the top priority of the school. They are usually the first to incorporate training courses we develop into their curriculum! That was with our recent courses on Practical Christian Ethics, on Bible and Politics, and they have already scheduled for this academic year the course on Biblical Anthropology that we are currently developing. The course provides a strong connection between the nature and purpose of mankind with the biblical account of man’s origins. Please join our prayers both for this new course as well as for the servants of the Lord who have completed their studies and are going to share what they learned through their life in Jesus and through their ministries!

A course on informal logical fallacies in study and preaching the Bible
falacies1 falacies2 falacies3

We just finished the biggest “landing party” we had since the time of the invasion. We spent several blessed days at Lviv serving at several locations. The core of the trip was a course on informal logical fallacies in study and preaching the Bible. It was well attended by preachers, teachers and evangelists from several churches of the region (see the pictures attached). The video of the course was made and provided for everyone through the Internet.

Open seminars at the central evangelical church
church seminars1 church seminars2 church seminars3
At late nights we had more opportunities to share through informal fellowship

On evenings we provided open seminars at the central evangelical church of the city on how science relates to the Bible and the on the role of Genesis in shaping the next generation's worldview. At late nights we had more opportunities to share through informal fellowship with IDPs as well as with Christian students from secular universities (see the pictures attached). That was a great reminder for us: most of those who left Egypt did not enter the Promised Land. To invest in the next generation who had started with Christ earlier in their life and can do more therefore is the best we can do with our lives. Please pray with us for these boys and girls who are going to be ambassadors for the Kingdom against the totalitarian atheism that has poisoned parts of the world.

Last but not least, the greatest news of the month: six of twelve Science textbooks in Ukrainian have just been published! And they were officially presented at the national book fair! We keep working on impacting the post-communist education system! May the Lord be praised!

Science textbooks in Ukrainian

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