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In 2016
Nomad media training courses
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August was the hottest month of many not only temperature-wise. First of all, after several meetings with the team leaders, we have mostly finished the development of the effective responsibilities distribution between the Crimean and Mainland teams within current conditions. Till the situation changes (and it will change eventually), the Crimean team is doing its best in using human resources, equipment and facilities for media production and Internet ministries technical support. At the same time the Mainland team (scattered over four cities) focuses on the content development, teaching, training as well as resources in terms of hard copies publishing and distribution. We are increasing the amount of Internet platforms by using our resources to make them available from the most of limited access to restricted areas.

Nomad media training courses
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As you know, Paul, being in the secular city of Athens, disputed in the market place daily with those that met with him (Acts 17:17). The Agora, or ancient market place was a venue where people came together to talk, to share and discuss ideas, to hear news, as well as for shopping. Not the supermarket, but the Internet is in our day the agora's equivalent. And our goal is to fill it with the best quality Christian media material both through our own production (Crimea team) and through teaching and training others to do that and supply them with proper strategies and content (Mainland team).

In view of that approach the key event of the month were the Nomad media training courses (see pictures attached) were among the most strategically important projects we ever launched! The courses were provided back to back in Kiev and Kharkov, the two biggest cities of the country and attended by students from that cities as well from Crimea, Lutsk, Lviv and Zaporozhye. Most of them were from the Evangelical Students Fellowship, though some represented local churches and regional ministries. The students were trained and equipped for basic video production from choosing the issue to address till spreading the final product through social media networks.

Trip to the Carpathians and a retreat
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But even more importantly: they will be able to lead "Media Challenge" seminars in churches, camps, groups and ministries advising and encouraging believers to use media opportunities more effectively! Practically every other young person today has a smart phone with a camera much better then Lumiere brothers had and a computer much more powerful that the one used to launch man into space. They should be used for the glory of God - not only for making selfies and posting pictures of kittens!

Some say the Internet is a territory of Satan, and this is true. But that is only a part of truth. It is only a territory for Satan because when we neglect it as a tool for evangelism and teaching! Everything we do not use for the Kingdom he will used against it. Our goal is to fill the Internet, the modern agora, with the message of truth, hope and love! Please join our prayers both for the proper fruit and for the ripple effect of Nomad media training!

Finally, as a fitting ending to a joyful summer we had a trip to the Carpathians and a retreat there with a couple of displaced families, visiting other IDPs on the way sharing books, clothing, love, comfort, hope and encouragement (see the pictures attached). Please pray with our families in Ukraine that have had to leave our homes and for the end of the war and the restoration of justice! Please pray for us to share the message of the ultimate justice of the Lord! We believe the Lord will turn any situation for His glory any way - we have to just keep listening to Him with faith and patience.

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