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In 2016
At Youth Mission School
youth mission school1 youth mission school2

April is exciting time of preparing projects for summer as well as following up previously launched ones. We had a greatfollow up training visit to the ministry base at Ukrainka as well as seminars at Youth Mission School (see the pictures attached) training and equipping the Body for the effective spreading of the Message. The students of the Youth Mission School are going to spend their summer break carrying out mission in towns, villages, camps, etc. Please pray with us for these young devoted workers of the Lord!

At Ukrainka
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As you know, the purpose of our ministry is three-fold: introducing the Truth to skeptics, strengthening the saints in their confidence in the Truth, and equipping God's people to proclaim God's word effectively. We constantly monitor the field in search of the most essential needs within those aspects. Sometimes our resources are in great demand right away, like, say, the ones on issues of creation evangelism or of biblical foundations for civil society.

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The course at the Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary
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Sometimes it takes years knocking doors before the church recognizes the need. For instance, it took a decade before the national body recognized the need and there was a demand for worldview contextualization of the message and our resources on Biblical strategy for evangelism. They are the most in demand since then! It took less for the issue of Bible and Logic. Generations of communist propaganda made people think the issue of no importance, be content with contradictions, tolerating logical fallacies and being satisfied with poor arguments. However, more and more schools and churches are asking for the resources on logical thinking now! 
The course at the Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary
Teaching it at the Joint School of Christian Apologetics produced a ripple effect and we got several commitments about teaching and training Bible and Logics courses and seminars on our schedule now. The course at the Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary (see the pictures attached) provided training for church leaders from Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Please join our prayers for the planting and maturing of the seeds..
Ecology Club

Last year seminars at the public library of the city of Lviv and a more recent one for the Students Club have prepared the soil for an effective landing party there. It was very exciting, especially the key project - three days of seminars on Science, Bible and Creation Evangelism (see the pictures attached) attended by leaders from the region as well as some from the city of Ternopilwho came for the seminar as well - we had not had our network there till now. Please keep praying with us for that cohort of God's children.

On our return we faced a completely different setting - a mixed gathering of believers and nonbelievers at the National Pedagogical University devoted to the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl Disaster (see the pictures attached). That was a great opportunity to share on the Genesis mandate to people to be the Creator's stewards and managers of His creation. Please praywith us for the seeds planted there.

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