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In 2016
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Kharkiv Church
kharkiv church

The month got started with an exciting “landing party” to Kharkiv- second largest city of the country and a key place of the "Red Belt" which, nevertheless did not gave in to the Russian invasion though many are still there looking back to the Egypt of communism. Among meeting with many brothers and teaching at a local church, the main focus of the trip was a retreat with Evangelical Students Fellowship leaders(see the pictures attached). We have quite a history of partnership with several of them who moved to Kharkiv from Crimea as IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) and developed a successful synergy with local youth leaders of the region. We spent great times together discovering what the Scripture says on various issues of effective evangelism, civil society foundations, and personal growth in Christ. Please pray for this group of young devoted servants of the Lord!

The most amazing experience of the meetings was a fellowship with a “strong atheist” (as he called himself) who attended all the seminars to "figure out where we are trying to trick him" (he is the fifth person from the left at the group picture, the rest are Christian student leaders). I had to tell him that he will not be able to remain atheist for a long, since he has a great gift of asking proper questions, and they will lead him to right answers eventually. Please pray with us for that young man (I do not know his name regretfully, but the Lord knows!)

Eastern European Leadership Forum Apologetics
ealf1 ealf2

We plan several regional events at the Nieuwenhuis Training Center in Crimea this summer as well as exploring opportunities for organise an outreach to Russia from there. Nevertheless we hesitate to attract the authorities’ attention by planning international activity there so far. That is why we decided to change a format of Eurasian Apologetics Summit (we did it once in 3-5 years till recently) so far for an annual meetings as Eastern European Leadership Forum Apologetics track. The EELF planning meeting (see the pictures attached) was very effective and everyone supported the idea. Please pray with us for the best arrangements we can out together for the Apologetics track in the fall.

Science and the Bible at students club
student club lviv1

God keeps fmeetying every challenge that the world offers with new opportunities. Due to the teaching and training office at a new location on mainland Ukraine and volunteers spread as displaced persons to various regions of the country, we are able to respond to those opportunities more effectively as a result. Despite a pretty full spring schedule we did not want to decline an invitation to make a presentation on Science and the Bible at students club of the biggest national university at the opposite (Western) side of the country in Lviv (see the pictures attached). We realize there is a strategic importance of reaching students

Science and the Bible at students club
student club lviv2

 of post-communist universities, where most of professors are product of the atheistic totalitarian Egypt. If we want to lead to Jesus scientists, economists, physicians, politicians, military and police officers, etc., the most effective time to do that is while they are still students. About a half of the audience were unbelievers, most of the rest - new believers. That was a great occasion to discuss foundational issues of faith and worldviews. I greatly appreciate wise questions from students - both sceptics and believers - asked in an honest search for truth! Please pray with us for these boys and girls who had a great opportunity to shake the dust of Egypt off their feet and build the new nation on the old solid reliable biblical foundation!

On the half-way return to Kiev we stopped at the city of Rivne for a mini-retreat with our team there. Several IDPs from Crimea and the Donbas have settled in the area and developed a ministry chapter involving a lot of local believers. The team is actively involved in developing school textbooks on Science in Ukrainianas well as providing training and spreading our resources on biblical foundations for a civil society and practical Christian ethics. The retreat was a joyful time of mutual encouragement and edification (see the pictures attached). May the Lord bless this group of His servants and multiplyi them in number and fruit!

City of Rivne a mini-retreat with our team there
rivne team1 rivne team2 rivne team3

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