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In 2016

Starting a new semester at schools and new year at churches is may be the most busy time of the year.

A week at Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary
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The new season at our Reliable Foundations open online apologetics club is called "Who Am I?" and focused on foundational issues of human origin, nature, purpose and destiny. The first session was very interesting and the season promises to be very exciting. By the end we plan to develop a training course, a book and other resources on the issue like we did previously after "Biblical Foundations for Civil Society" season. Please pray with us about it!


The issue of the "Biblical Foundations for Civil Society" is still in demand very much. I had a great joy of spending a week at Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary doing lectures, seminars, workshops and round table discussions related to it for ministers from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Korea (see the pictures attached). What a joy is to see the next generation of the Church leaders passionate for spreading the truth of the Word as well as desiring both spread the message of salvation in Jesus and making change in their communities for His glory! Praised be the Lord!

A week at Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary
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A great blessing for us was to be involved with starting a new project - Together Forever family club. Building Christian families according to the God's design for it always was among our top priorities. We are developing new opportunities for family ministry both in Crimea and at the mainland. Please keep this in your prayers as well.

Together Forever family club
familyclub1 familyclub2

I am extremely glad to share joy and encouragement we got while sharing the message at New Life church downtown Kiev (see the pictures attached). LFC is a very special Kingdom place many missions and ministries meet at all the time. Fellowship between the services was the most amazing time when many people were coming to tell how much resources we publish and share through Internet, Reliable Foundations online club, seminars and trainings we provide, help in their ministries and personal growth in Jesus!

New Life church downtown Kiev
nlc1 nlc2

The most exciting was a meeting with an Academy of Law professor who shared how useful our Biblical Foundations for Civil Society resources (book, videos, presentations) are and how she incorporates them into her lectures. We were shocked! When she introduces herself at first, we were ready to take notes expecting a professional critique, since none of us was educated in the area of law – we were spreading nothing but what the Bible teaches on the issue. But our expectations were wrong! Wisdom of the God's Word still shines the light on minds of experts - just like it was when Jesus Himself was explaining the Law of Moses to the scribes and teachers of law of His days! May His name be praised!

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