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In 2016

EELF round tableExpectations for the month were exciting. I had to teach at a couple of places as usually, but the main event had to be the Eastern European Leadership Forum where I was in charge of the Apologetics section. I had to give lectures, seminars and lead round table discussions, as well as facilitate discussions, etc. But the Lord had a different plan.Instead of EELF I was taken to to a clinicand underwent four surgeries in five weeks. It had started with a common kidney stone problem, but was found to be related to several other issues and all my plans seemed to be in jeopardy.

EELF EELF seminar

Nothing WAS cancelledhowever - everything worked out fine! The years of the ministry produced their fruit in the form of alarge group of young national apologists ready to step into the gap. At every spot there was somebody who was able to replace me. Not one event was skipped! (see pictures attached).May the Lord be praised!

On the other hand the bill for medical treatment was huge, but churches and individuals found out about my situation through social media and offered help. By the time I finally got out of the clinic the bill was 92% coveredPraise the Lord!

Nomad graduate Dasha Walk through the Bible

I believe God’s message for me was:slow down; give more opportunities to younger co-workers you train and equip; focus on coaching and encouraging them, supplying them with books, media resources, models and strategies. What a great joy to see how the Lord works through our limited efforts. “My strength is made perfect in weakness”, - wrote the apostle Paul. And He constantly encourages us through providing evidences of the ministry’s ripple effect at various levels – from a recent Nomad course students using skills and equipment they acquired, tio an international ministry using our books as study materials for their board meeting (see pictures attached).

CA youth ministryGreat news came from Central Asia: the Central Asian chapter of the Eurasian Apologetics Society is developing ayouth ministry as well (see the picture attached). May these young disciples of Jesus pass His message to the next generations!


Finally, wehave  practically completed the uploading all the content of our main site onto a new platform ScienceAndApologetics.com where all resources will be managed not manually as before, but with a Content Management System(see the picture attached). We are testing it now.

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