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In 2016
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The subcarpathian trip was a great blessing and encouragement to us. We were invited there to provide a couple of seminars at a conference on biblical foundations on family arranged for the Subcarpathian Roma (Gypsy) churches. Later on the organizers however asked us to do an entire conference. What a great time it was (see picture attached).

Transcapathia conference
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A specific feature of the Roma people is their love of singing. Every minute of every break between seminars was used as an opportunity to sing either with guitar, or with a soundtrack from a cell phone, or unaccompanied. And all songs were for the glory of Jesus! (see facebook.com/sergei.golovin) The entire conference was an ongoing worship with some breaks for seminars. We enjoyed it so much! Please pray with us for the growth of the kingdom through this people’s network which is spread over Eastern Europe and the world!

Doctorate course Lviv
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The road to Subcarpathia passes through Lviv. In a given political situation Lviv, the most Western large city of Ukraine is becoming a great center of church impact on this post-communist part of the world through both civil society development and evangelism. Therefore we did not want to miss any opportunity to organize a follow-up "landing party" in that amazing city. 

Ethics videocourse
ethics videocourse

The core event was teaching a doctorate course on Apologetics in relation to a Biblical Strategy for Evangelism for ministers of the region. It was a very honoring and humbling experience to teach a large group of top level leaders who have much more spiritual and practical experience of walking in Christ!

Fellowship of Evangelical Students team

 Therefore the presentations of the case studies which they were doing as a group assignment was the part of the course we enjoyed the most. It allowed us to learn a lot from them (see pictures attached).

Being there, we could not miss an opportunity to have follow-up meetings with the most active ministries to the younger part of the Body. This time we provided seminars on biblical foundations for science for the Fellowship of Evangelical Students team and deliver Growth for the Kingdom message to the city youth ministry group (see pictures attached). Fellowship with those who are going to spread the message after us is always a great joy! Please join our prayers for these Marks and Timothys who from their youth are committed to share love of Jesus!

On our return to Kiev we started a new project in partnership with Vision International University- video recording of training courses for Christian leaders who are from remote and restricted areas who are not able to come and get regular training. Practical Christian Ethics was the first course we have recorded (see picture attached). Please keep this project in your prayers as well.

Youth ministry group
youth ministry

It was a great joy and privilege for us to exert a small influence a year ago on the forming of a new grassroots movement – The International Association for the Development of Christian Education. Now it involves many teachers of Christian and state schools of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Baltic countries and provides training on Biblical foundations for education and practical issues which Christian teachers face, especially - in the state school context.

At the autumn IACED session we have provided a series of Genesis 1-3 based seminars on the foundations of a Biblical worldview and its development among students (see pictures attached). Please join our prayers for all these workers of the Kingdom and for the impact they are making for sake of the Kingdom on the next generations in our part of the world!

The International Association for the Development of Christian Education
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