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June 2016

10 June 2016 In 2016
At the Nieuwenhuis Training Center
01 05 02
Meeting of the ministry departments directors

I am glad to share exciting news - we have completed the first full-scale training project at the Nieuwenhuis Training Center! So far we were doing only regional events at the facilities for equipping the body at Crimea. Our goal was to reconcile the work with the restrictions of Russian law and its specifics. Prior to the event we had very fruitful meeting of the ministry departments directors to evaluate, plan and develop our work both in Crimea and at the mainland (see the pictures attached). We developed a strategy and approaches proper to the conditions. This month we have hosted first event for visitors from Russia!

Meeting of the ministry departments directors

The greatest challenge was to find a way to continue our children programs. The first time in our experience we had to managechildren camp and adults training programs at the same time. (see the pictures attached) Children were guided by their parents and that release us from legal responsibility for them. That was a great family event for many as well! Praised be the Lord! Please join our prayers for the Lord's guidance in effective Nieuwenhuis Training Center use for the Kingdom sake even in current situation and for even better opportunities in the future. Please pray with us for all our plans.

At the Nieuwenhuis Training Center
04 03 06

The Lord opens lot of opportunities in the mainland Ukraine as well for making better impact on the body of believers for being ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh a reason of our hope. Please find attached some pictures from our recent baptism service not far from Kiev.

From our recent baptism service
baptism01 baptism02 baptism03

Also at the mainland we have joined very exciting project called “Daniel School”. Its purpose is totrain selected teenagers to be church and society leaders. Program involves studies of Scripture, apologetics, logic, rhetorics, sports, camping, hiking, rafting, teamwork etc. We are going to provide academic content for that program. All sessions are broadcasted online (see the pictures attached).

I was especially touched through boys and girls who followed us online from the war zone of Donetsk and other places at Donbas. A

“Daniel School”
daniel school01 daniel school02 daniel school03
group of seven followed us online at a basement in Avdeevka (the hottest spot of the confrontation right now) listening both Creation Evangelism seminar and shellbursts not far away. May the Lord keep them safe and protected! Please pray for that great project and these young devoted guys - they future of the church and of the nation.


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