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25 March 2014 By In 2014

There is “a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together”, as Ecclesiastes says. However it was hard to imagine just a moth ago how fast one can be turned to another. Russia’s invasion to Crimea has destroyed all connections developed for decades, changed lives of many and well may be put the end for post-WW2 balance at the continent.

A month ago we (my wife Olga, younger daughter Dasha and I) went to Kiev for few days to visit our son-in-law Vlad and older daughter Zhenya because of her birthday. When the troubles in Crimea got started we decided to stay a week longer waiting the dust settled. Nobody expected how far the situation will go! After three weeks of five of us and a dog staying in Zhenya’s small one-bedroom apartment we realized we got stuck in Kiev for a while. On the requirement of the board of CCSA directors we have canceled our return to Crimea and decided to rent an apartment here in Kiev. There are lot of questions about the situation and how God wants us to use it for His greater glory. We are pleading for answers and keep walking the way one step a time.

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