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25 August 2014 By In 2014

The guidance of God's word is a great blessing. In times of trouble we especially experience that. Many well-known Scripture texts open their deep meaning to us in the context of current events in Ukraine. For instance, the words of the Lord "In Me you might have peace. In the world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." Yes, the Lord! We rejoice in You in the midst of tribulations, wars and rumours of wars! Like in the early church, satan's efforts to destroy the Kingdom work cause it to multiply instead.

By God's grace we in fact have two ministries instead of one now. On the one hand we are using the existing ministry infrastructure in Crimea as much as possible even in this period of uncertainties. On the other hand we are incorporating our mainland projects into the infrastructure of our various partner ministers. The partnership network we developed through the years makes it work very well. I am becoming more and more involved in teaching and discipling in various settings - from a local congregation to a youth camp (see the pictures attached). But the greatest joy for me as a father is to see our youngest daughter, Darya, become involved in ministry as well! For the first time she served as a designer and activity leader at a youth camp organized by several churches of Kiev. That joy for us as parents is higher than all the troubles we face! May the Lord be praised!

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