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25 January 2014 By In 2014

You know, our Training Center got a name: Nieuwenhuis (Novy Dom, i.e. "New House", "New Home", or 'New Building" in Russian). Additionally to several connotations the name has for our team and for entire Eurasian Apologetics Society network, it is also a great reminder on our ultimate dwelling place, since all of us are longing for "a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens (2Cor.5:1). We are going to give names to the parts of the Novy Dom as well. So far we agreed on the name Philadelphia ("Brotherly Love" in Greek, as you know) for Retreat House - the first of three TC buildings, the one we approaching a completion of.

Please continue to pray with us about this project. We would highly appreciate any further assistance with it. Philadelphia Retreat House (the TC's first part of three) is going to operate and host some projects this summer already. Our great dream however is to use a Conference Center (the second part) at least partially this summer as well. The greatest dream is to complete the Administration Block (the third part) by the end of the year and to host 2015 Eurasian Apologetics Society Summit (a special gathering we arrange once in 4-5 years for key leaders of Christian Apologetics and Creation Evangelism ministries of former Soviet Union countries - like the recent one in 2010 - see http://scienceandapologetics.com/en/index.php/newsletters/2010) at the New House of our own! Please keep praying with us for this vision!

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