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25 November 2014 By In 2014

The first season of the "Reliable Foundations" apologetics club has come to completion (see the picture attached). Its sessions online broadcasting as well as podcasts make it accessible for everyone not just on both sides of the battle lines in Ukraine, but in all former countries of the Soviet Union and beyond. We are getting feedback from those who watch real time broadcasts abroad. The time is coming to choose the theme for the next season. No wonder most people are in favor of "Biblical Guidelines for Civil Society" due to the clash of civilizations in our part of the world. So, following the model provided by Jesus of telling people what they should hear by telling them what they are wondering about, we develop presentations for it that will point to God's perfect design for humanity in Creation: how it was destroyed by sin and how everyone can be restored to fellowship with God through Jesus. I have promoted the topic already by presenting a seminar on it (see the picture attached) at the East-European Leadership Forum for Christian leaders from Ukraine and Belarus (nobody came from Russia this year due to the political situation regretfully).

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