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In 2014

It was the busiest and at the same time the most encouraging month of the year for both of our campuses despite the situation in our part of the world.

The most painful and the most joyful news of the month came on the same day. That morning I visited Tatiana, a headmaster of "Gloria" Christian School that used to be located on the Donetsk Christian University campus. It was the first school to use our Science textbooks in classes by incorporating them into their public curriculum. Hostilities came to Donetsk when the school seemed to be on the way to better times - it had just moved to a brand new building and all the students had received their uniforms, when armed militants took the campus over and turned it into their barracks. Tatiana's story was full of pain and tears. But the most joyful news came that same afternoon: the Ukrainian Ministry of Education approved a public education development concept which effectively liberates schools from many communism anachronisms, including government monopoly on school curricula and textbooks! What a great victory! A work of dozens of enthusiasts like Tatiana, as well as our ministry and our resources together made the impact for the change that seemed impossible until just recently! God has provided us with a wonderful confirmation: Satan may win a battle in this world, but he will never win the war! Yes, he will do everything possible to stop the introduction of a Bible-based worldview to the post-communism generation, but God's truth is winning ultimately! May His name be praised!

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