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December 2014

25 December 2014 In 2014

Beloved brothers and sisters,

Thank you very much for your care, support and prayers! With great joy I can present you with Christian Center for Science and Apologetics December 2014 newsletter.

According to the parable about the wise and foolish virgins, we have to be ready both for the return of the Lord at any moment on the one hand, and to wait with perseverance on the other. That is why we highly value projects with both immediate impact and the long-term influence.

By the grace of the Lord we have started two more projects of that nature. The first one is a regional youth leaders conference on the urgency of Apologetics and Creation Evangelism for the transformation of the worldview of the church in our part of the world. The conference was arranged in the South-East corner of the country (see the pictures attached). Some young people from Crimea were able to join it as well. The conference was a great encouragement both for the audience and for us – it was a great joy to see young people longing for the transformation of society for the sake of the Kingdom! Now we plan to organise more conferences like this one in other regions of the country. Please pray with us for this vision.

Another project has become a very special reward for all our efforts during this difficult year. It was the first session of a Joint School of Christian Apologetics and Creation Evangelism! The school is going to provide modular courses for graduates of both Christian and secular colleges and universities which desire to develop their knowledge and skills in areas of Apologetics and Creation Evangelism for more effective equipping of the Body according to the 2 Timothy 2:2 approach. We managed to enroll quite a large number of the students representing quite a range of cities, ages and areas of expertise (see the pictures attached). We have church leaders, school teachers, and college professors, and even a Bible translator and a music composer! The result exceeded all our expectations and we spent a great week of intensive exploration of the basic principles of spreading the message and shaping the worldview of the nation. May the Lord be praised! Please pray with us for this great initiative!

While our strategic purpose in the area of public education is teaching teachers, and teaching their students is quite a joy as well. After all, some of them will eventually become teachers. And many are real missionaries to their peers, parents and teachers already. So, it was a great joy to organise a children’s conference at a small public school run by Christians, on the biblical view of the age of Earth and on dinosaurs (the issue children love a lot). That was a very exciting experience both for us and for the kids (see the pictures attached)! Please join our prayers for these boys and girls to keep growing in the knowledge of the Lord and His word.

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