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25 May 2013 By In 2013

A couple years ago, when we accepted the call for developing a Bible-based textbooks on Science, we had no a clue how bigger the task of challenging post-communist educational state monopoly is, then just issuing some textbooks. The good news however - we found a lot of like-minded people on that way and working on coordinating them into grassroots movement now!


A very special blessing in that area is cooperation with a team of Christian enthusiasts at Ostrog Academy - one of the top-three national universities of the country. It is located in the middle of nowhere in Western Ukraine and less impacted by the political turmoils as a result. Most of its faculty is rooted in Christian worldview deeply. After all, Ostrog Academy is the very place where the first Slavonic Bible was printed in 1580! The believers at Ostrog Academy faculty develop a great precedent of integrating Christian worldview into post-communist education, and we are doing our best in supporting their initiatives in that area in any way we can.

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