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25 July 2013 By In 2013

God is good! It seems that just recently I wrote you about the challenge we faced the challenge of the desperate need for Science Christian textbooks for shaping the worldview of the future generations (), and we already see the abundant fruit of that project. We will continue to work on national resources development, as well as looking for other books appropriate for translation, but the greatest part is done (see the picture attached)! The last volume of the initially planned project went to the editor already and has to go to the printer in few weeks. Thank you so much for your prayers, care and support in that strategically important undertaking!

While our team is working mostly on the children camp curriculum update after its field testing, as well as on preparations for upcoming camps and retreats, we are getting encouraging news from other Eurasian Apologetics Society parts on the projects they run during the summer. Thus, our Kiev coordinator Stas leads excursions for churches of the city to Natural History Museum geology and paleontology departments (see the pictures attached). Not much changed there from the Soviet times. Nevertheless the expositions developed for the purpose of atheistic propaganda work as evidence for the Bible veracity when proper interpretation of the represented evidences is provided. Praised be the Lord!

Please join our special prayers for the upcoming camps - first time we will run two camps simultaneously with about 150 miles between them. The first is going to be on August 4-15 for public schools Christian teachers intensive training on using media for effective incorporation of the biblical truth into the science lessons above the public curriculum requirements.

The family camp on August 7-14 is going to be special this year as well. First of all, it is going to be led by Katya, FD-222 project student. Next, though the activities will be arrange for family teams, the lessons will be done separately for adults and teenagers (led by me), for middle age children (led by David, the FD-222 youngest student) and for pre-school and youngest school kids (led by Dasha, our 15 years old daughter - this is going to be her first experience like that, though she was helping as an assistant previously a lot).

Finally, we still highly appreciate your prayers for Training Center, our dream project. We have poured the foundation of the second (of three) project part, multi-purpose building, to leave it to settle till we have resources for it. Meanwhile we have focused on the first part, retreat house, development. The concrete monolith framework for it is done already up to the second level floor (see the picture attached). Please join our praises to the One who has provided the opportunity to start this great project and prayers that He will carry it on to completion for the glory of Christ Jesus!

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