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In 2013

We have started the new academic year with a landing party to the city of Kharkiv - an intellectual capital of Ukraine. It is a greatest stronghold of atheism we face in the country. The church there does not suffer any persecutions, but has the lowest growth rate at the same time due to the enormous resistance to anything dealing with religion. But as we say, drop by drop water breaks the stone. Through our trips there, through involvement Kharkov brethrens into our various programs as well as our involvement in their ones, we have developed a network of people with the passion of training and equipping the Body of Christ in the region. They have arranged that trip. Workshops for all auditories from young believers to the church ministers on the basics of effective evangelism, on better impact on society and the church, on shaping proper biblical worldview in next generation (see pictures attached) were richly amplified with fellowship that lasted beyond midnight every day. Please join our prayers for this team of devoted servants of Jesus in the hard place, as well as for the future abundant harvest they prepare the soil for!

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