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In 2013

The month was a climax of our summer projects. For the first time we run two camps simultaneously with about 150 miles distance between them and had to split the team accordingly – annual Family Camp and Visual Media Aid – the first camp we organized for public schools Christian teachers intensive training on using media for effective incorporation of the biblical truth into the science lessons above the public curriculum requirements.

The family camp was the biggest and the most exciting one we ever had! We spend wonderful time of fun, joy, as well as studies of God's word, God's creation and His will for family (see the pictures attached). Many things made this camp special. First of all, it was managed by Katya, FD-222 project graduate. Next, for the first time we had special studies for teenagers - they were led by David, our FD-222 youngest graduate. At the end of the camp we made a flash-mob at the downtown bund (the favored walking place at the city) promoting traditional family values, and it raised quite a boom in a city media. Please join our prayers for its impact on people who watched or heard about it. The lessons for pre-school and youngest school kids were led by Dasha, our youngest daughter (she is 15). That her first experience like that, though she was helping as an assistant previously a lot. Together with more experienced tutor they made a great job. Please join my praises for the youngest in our family got involved into the ministry!

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