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In 2013


The month was full of various events, meetings, discussions and projects, the most exciting among them were Novomoskovsk Christian teachers’ conference and “Tvorets” annual children camp.

The conference was arranged by the initiative of some teachers who attended the March conference in Donetsk and wanted to extend its impact to their region as well. Though the timing was not the best (right before launching the children camp), the strategic importance of initiating, equipping and encouraging the movement among public schools teachers made us split our team into groups to be able to not give up either of the opportunities. Pretty simple conditions at the venue were greatly compensated by joy, interest and enthusiasm of the participants about the vision we discussed and the resources we offered for its implementing (see the pictures attached). Now teachers from other regions ask us to make a conference like this there as well, and we are discussing details how to include them to our schedule. Please pray for those who came to this conference as well for the future events like this, so the message of truth will be spread among schoolteachers - people with the greatest impact on next generation!

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