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In 2013

We are still excited with the fruits of the strategy shift for encouraging, training and equipping young believers for effective ministry. It allows us to use every windows of opportunity much more effectively. Such an opportunity of this month was a conference on Ecology "Forming a worldview basis for sustainable development strategy" at the city of Lviv (Western Ukraine). The issue allowed quite a few Christians to join it and present a sound biblical view on it among others. Though the commitments we already had for a month did not allow our immediate team to go there, Stas Atanov, Eurasian Apologetics Society (EAS) coordinator at Kiev, made a great job on our behalf (see the pictures attached), exposing Darwinian lies and controversial facts presented in public schools curricula. "I need to notice, - Stas reports, - one particular respond of a representative of Ministry of Education, who thanked me after my presentation, and said, that she was very surprised and impressed by what I have told." So, according to a Russian saying, drop by drop water wears the stone away. Please join our prayers for the seeds planted!

The conference provided a great networking opportunity within the Body of believers. EAS do not have a responsible coordinator in the most western part of Ukraine yet. Nevertheless more and more brothers are getting involved into the movement. Thus, Alexander Zhook, a church pastor from Lviv, develops very professionally looking displays on living fossils and other evidences for the Biblical record veracity (see the picture attached). We made an arrangement with him on making displays for posting at our future Training Center, since we want it serve as a Creation Museum as well.

Another big event was a conference of Christian teachers at public schools at (Eastern Ukraine, the Red Belt). It was extremely successful! More then 120 teachers came from various areas of Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia and Moldova. Many local teachers, who did not need lodging, attended it without registration. At the conference we presented our books (first of all - textbooks), led plenary session on unmasking the myth about secular education religious neutrality, as well as provided a workshop on the strategic issues in shaping the worldview of next generation (see the pictures attached).

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