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In 2013

Оur landing parties team went to the trip to the Eastern Ukraine as was planned initially. The trip had two major parts. The first one was teaching Apologetics course at Donetsk Christian University. DCU is really amazing school we have long partnership history with. It is located right in the middle of the most criminal and most corrupted region of the country where most of our current rulers are from. Nevertheless the school is a real leader of Christian education for practical ministry in former Soviet Union - a glorious territory of God's presence in the midst of apathy and despair! We had a full classroom of students from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and even from Ghana and spent a wonderful time exploring together the ways for effective evangelism. All students got a practical assignment to apply in their ministries the principles and methods they study. During the course we also had an opportunity to fellowship with other students at the campus at the cafeteria (see the pictures attached). Please keep in your prayers both DCU and these young warriors of the Lord to whom we are going to pass the baton of spreading the Kingdom!


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