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In 2013

The truth of the God's ultimate victory is spread unto the uttermost part of the Russia itself at the same time. The Eurasian Apologetics Society Far East team has started a Science classes for teenagers using our textbooks (see the pictures attached). Children attend them with a great interest, always joyfully involved in experiments and discussions learning the God's wisdom in creation. With a time some parents have started to join their kids as well - the Biblical view of the creation is completely new for them. They not only discover the truth neither former Soviet nor modern secular schools ever shared, but also learn their responsibility for shaping their children in a proper biblical worldview. May the Lord be praised! Please pray with us for this initiative expansion in all the corners of post-communist countries.

As for the Ukrainian team, we were doing to use the most effectively the last weeks before black ice covers the obstacle courses Russians call roads. The Lord continues to expand the geography of our ministry. He has provided an entry to Dnepropetrovsk, a megapolis we never before were able to serve at. The city is a hometown of Soviet rocket science and missiles production, a big intellectual center. We were praying for years about starting an apologetics ministry there, and now finally one of our FD program alumni arranged our first seminars there on evangelism strategy and on the teaching Science role for shaping next generation worldview (see the pictures attached)! Pastors and evangelists of several churches have attended the seminars and were pretty ignited with the vision of returning to the biblical truth and practice in teaching children as well as in church and family life. We agreed to continue our fellowship both through our visits there once in a while as well as their retreats at our future Training Center - they were excited to hear about this upcoming opportunity! Please pray with us about the apologetics network development in that previously closed for us region.

After brief retreat and regrouping we went for pastors conference at Kiev. This briefly planned trip came up as a recent conference at Kharkov ripple effect. A leader of Missionary Churches Alliance, one of the most mission-minded evangelical denominations in Ukraine, attended it and immediately approached us with the request to do the same seminars for their upcoming pastors national conference since he believe this is exactly the kind teaching and training the ministers need the most. That was an offer we can't refuse, and we rearranged our schedule accordingly. About sixty church leaders from all the corners of the country came there (see the pictures attached). The question they mostly asked was "Could you please come and do these workshops at our church"? Yes, we actually could, - was our answer, - but are you sure you want us to come? Wouldn't it be much better if you do this training yourself properly adjusting it to the very situation of the place you serve at? We are providing training for you and here are the resources we supply you with. Just let us know if you need anything else. It was a real joy to see how encouraged the brethren were to go back to pass the vision to others in their region! Please join our prayers for destroying the spirit of apathy in post-communist countries churches.



Another new place the door is opened at as an outcome of our recent Kharkiv trip became Melitopol, a big transportation hub and Air Force base half-way between Simferopol and Kharkiv. Many times we have passed through the city going for landing parties, and now we got an opportunity to lead a variety of seminars there - for evangelists, for believers coming with their unchurched friends and relatives, for teenagers and young adults (see the pictures attached). We had a great time growing together in understanding the Lord's guidance in rooting the church in the truth of the Bible from its very beginning. Sounds like we will be coming to the city over and over again. I just afraid we will have "sail by" it on our trips to other places, like Paul did with Ephesus (Acts 20:16) in order to not get stuck there for a while :-)

At the same time we continue the Training Center construction. The Retreat House is about to be covered with the roof, the internal finishing works are started now. At the same time we are leveling the decking for pouring the Conference Center second level concrete slab (see the picture attached) as soon as possible if the weather allow (no frost). By the Lord’s grace we are reaching the middle of the project. Nevertheless we sill have half way to go toward its completion. We highly appreciate your care and support. Please continue to lift Eurasian Training Center up to the Lord in your prayers. May the One who has provided the opportunity to start this great project will carry it on to completion for the glory of Christ Jesus!

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