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13 July 2012 By In 2012

God is great and His ways are amazing always! This year Malenkaya Strana ("Little country") apologetics children camp organized by Far East Apologetic Society had to share the venue with "Patriot" paramilitary camp for teenagers. But the worries about such a noisy neighborhood were idle. The apologetics camp organizers were invited to share the same "Strongholds Demolishing" (2 Cor 10:45,5) curriculum with the teenagers as well. The seminars on various issues of apologetics were made for both camps as a result (see the pictures attached): How the world came to be? Is Darwinism true? Why God allows suffering? Can we trust the Bible? Is Christianity the only way? Who is Jesus? Not children only, but some staff workers have opened their hearts for Jesus as a result. Praised be the name of the Lord!

Nevertheless, the most important achievement of the month was FD-222 intensive study camp - a key event of entire FD-222 project (as I wrote earlier, FD stands for Fidei Defensor, defender of faith, 222 - for 2 Timothy 2:2) on finding, encouraging, training and equipping young potential leaders of national apologetics ministries. Fourteen young persons from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan have passed the selection and completed pretty extended half-a-year pre-camp assignments demonstrating their desire and abilities for the task. The camp became an extremely blessed time of studies, worship, discussions, prayer, fellowship etc. we ever had (see the pictures attached). Here are some feedbacks we got:

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