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13 August 2012 By In 2012

One of the greatest outcomes we can see is development of the Apologetics importance understanding within traditional (i.e. the most numerous and influential) Christian denominations in former Soviet Union. Few years ago, when we were just starting the ministry, Christians were making fun of our concerns, believing that freedom to talk about Jesus is enough for evangelism. We see the result: many are informed, but few are transformed. Even the most traditional groups are changing their mind now.

'Evangelical Christians-Baptists Russian Union', the biggest protestant denomination of the former Soviet Union, has gathered more then 3000 leaders for the denomination Congress at Bryansk Wood. For the first time Apologetics was included among various tracks of the Congress. Leading speakers of Eurasian Apologetics Society were invited for presenting seminars at the tent called 'Areapagus', which became the most attended one: from 100 to 300 persons were coming for each seminar (see the pictures attached). Many participants became very interested in apologetics. All the books we managed to bring to Russia across the border gone in the very first day. Please pray for the people who would be able to start the Apologetics/Creation ministries in various regions of Russia, as well as for reliable ways for us to deliver the books there (especially to the areas where Internet access is still underdeveloped).

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