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13 September 2012 By In 2012

God is good, isn't He? Only about a year ago in fear and trembling we ventured upon the enormous Science textbooks project. And it is going downhill already: the biggest parts of it are completed as well as a half of the God's Design for Science volumes! Praised be the Lord! Thank you so much for the help, prayers, support and encouragement you provided!

However only now we are starting to realize that it was just a beginning, a taking off for much greater task God makes us responsible for: to challenge entire post-communism educational system. The textbooks are tools only. With them we are able to equip the fighters for the battle. Now we should start calling them for that crusade. Call everyone parents, students, teachers, headmasters, preachers, youth ministers – everyone. May the Lord help us with that crusade! Please keep us in your prayers.

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